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Long time no see…

I cannot believe it has been over 4 months since I posted anything…I guess that goes to show how boggled I have been!  Lots has been going on and lots is still piling up on my plate.  This is just to post a basic update, and some news for things to come!

Things that have been going on: I did a Tough Mudder with my husband and 4 of his USAF co-workers

IMG_4886 IMG_4889 IMG_4909 IMG_4910 IMG_4911I started classes (FINALLY) and enjoyed my first on-line class and the ‘A’ I received when completed!!! I turned 34 years old and chose to run 13.1 miles, at 6am with my husband, the morning of my birthday! It was muggy as hell and quite humid, but there was a rainbow to brighten the morning!IMG_4984 IMG_4986I organized a group of about 30 gals to take part in the Baumholder’s Shock and Rock Race- An obstacle mud run!  It was a great time and I am happy to say it gave a lot of these ladies the taste for mud and the WANT for more!!IMG_5042 IMG_5051 IMG_5040 IMG_5057I started a group for the upcoming Susan G. Komen race for the cure in Frankfurt, and hope to get at least 30 girls or members to run this event!!!

I am signed up for the Saarbrucken Half Marathon in September and am looking forward to all of the pretty sights I should be seeing on the course!!!!

I signed up for the StrongmanRun in Luxembourg, and am now gathering others to make a team and enjoy the world’s “Largest Obstacle Race”!!!

I am pre-registered for the Spartan Beast that should be taking place in Stuggart next spring…I am praying they go through with it and hold this event, because I really want to do it!!!

Last, but not least, I am registering for the GoRuck Light which will also be in Stuggart next year.  This will be my April race and I believe it will be a great challenge since my biggest obstacle is always my mind and self-doubt…this should crush that!!!

So, my update is all about racing…but that is what keeps me sane these days when I am taking classes, moving to a new house and trying to prep for a much better school year for James!  Whatever keeps us going and keeps us from losing our minds is what matters most.  Of course, some of the best little things that keep taking place are the funny moments with my kids when no one is around to believe the things they say and do, and of course just watching them become miniature versions of myself and my husband!!



Speed Run & Tabata Tuesday

I reached a new PR today with my running. I’ve been trying out the new run schedule and it seems to be working out well!

I did 6 miles on Sunday which was a bit rough because I was sick. It was flashbacks of my half marathon: the sweats, the cramps, the gurgling…but I made it! I pulled out the 6 miles with a 10:05/mi pace. Today was a 2 miler and although, I’m still sick (sinus cold), I was determined to make it fast. I made it with an 8:43/mi pace and was shocked because the second mile was 8:20/mi!!! Tonight was the Tabata workout and I mixed it up with some jumps and body weight training!! I always feel so good after those workouts!! Now, I’m looking forward to watching “The Following” while laying in bed!!!!


How did you get moving today??

Long Run PR and NEW Turkey Burger Recipe

Sunday started off rough, with an early wake up and an upset stomach.  It was my scheduled 5 mile long run, so I knew I needed to just get out there and do it!  The boys dropped me off at a trail and ran a couple errands while I ran.  It was pretty cold out for the first mile and a half, but then I just pushed myself!  I did not stop once…not to stretch, shake out my legs, or pee (I am known to do all three).  I ended up with a time of 49:46, which means a 9:55/mi!!  A PR for me, hooray!!!  I celebrated by making a yummy new recipe!!!

Spinach and Feta Stuffed Turkey Burgers 


  • 1 lb Extra Lean Ground Turkey
  • 2 egg whites
  • 1 cup quick oats
  • 2 handfuls spinach or 1 can spinach
  • 1/2 cup feta cheese
  • spices of your choice


Mix all ingredients in a bowl, form into patties.  I was able to make 9 patties with my mixture. 


These can be grilled or cooked in a frying pan.  I used a frying pan with PAM Extra Olive Oil for mine

and cooked them slowly on stove top temperature of 4. 


I also roasted some bell peppers to use as a topping for the burger.  Easy Peasy, just roast in the oven at 400F for 10  minutes on each side


I served it up with a whole wheat bagel thin (lightly toasted) and some garlic flavored couscous (first time I EVER tried couscous)…

Overall, a very good meal!!!  The burgers were moist and VERY flavorful, something that usually lacks from my other turkey burgers!  These babies are a keeper!!!


Yay or Nay for Turkey Burgers?? 

How do you work on speeding up your pace while increasing distance?

Goals for March 25-31, Plus a Tabata Set!

So, I need to seriously up the accountability I have going on. I have caught myself giving in to stress cravings and stressing a little too often lately. Setting some goals and going to make sure I keep notes as I check them off!!

I have to feel good in my body again and get away from the picking and prodding at every little thing. Looking back at my past posts help me remember what I need to be doing!! Ah, so nice to look back so easily thanks to my blog!! So, without further ado, here are the weekly goals!


1. Alter half marathon training plan: Tuesday is a short run (2 fast miles), Thursday is a medium run (4 miles) and Sunday is a long run (6 miles). I’m trying to work on speed with endurance so I’ll see how this goes!

2. Cardio/Strength/Yoga/Tabata: Do one gym cardio session, one shred with yoga meltdown, and one Tabata day with a form of easy cardio.

3. Keep a food journal EVERYDAY: No matter what, keep track. Just do it. Seriously, keep track of everything.

4. Have a ‘boys choice’ art day: Bring out tons of options, lay out a plastic table cloth and just enjoy!!! Don’t worry about a mess, just have fun with them!!!

5. Appt. Goals: Make a doctors appt, a dentist appt, and swap sport massages with the hubby! Our legs are sore and helping each other is a must! He’s up to 15 miles on his long runs, so he will need a deep tissue knuckle rub!

Those are the goals! I PROMISE to post next Sunday with the results and a new set of goals!! Now, onto Tabata!


So, one of the best ways to learn about Tabata workouts is to visit tabatatraining.org. You will get a description, videos, reasons why these are amazing workouts, and proof of what they can do for your health!!! I have incorporated them into my workout routine and have noticed a difference in my speed and my endurance!! 4 minutes of sweat and hard work is harder than you think…I do 4-5 different rounds and am usually DONE by the end. (Done- as in, holy shit, I can’t move).


Here is one example from runninglovingliving

I did a strength training Tabata on Friday for some endurance/resistance work. I use my exercise bands, pull up bar and dumbbells. It was pretty tough and by the time my plank set was done, my arms were jello!!! Here is my set- each round the exercises were repeated for a total of two times each.  I’ll be doing this same one for my goal Tabata of the week!


So now, I have set some goals.  I have talked about Tabata like I promised, and I hope I will get others trying it out and seeing it’s benefits!  There are millions of variations, just make sure you are using a timer (I use Tabata Timer- a free app) and exerting yourself for those 20 seconds of hard work.  It’s pointless if you use those 20 seconds to just march in place or do hip circles.  Do your exercise and really go all out- not to the point of hurting yourself, but enough that you are seriously exerted by the time that 20 seconds is up!!!  It is a great feeling when you are finished, and you really do feel stronger!!! 

Tell me your goals, tell me your Tabata sets!!

Restore and Renew

What a hectic time it has been. Health issues, school issues, sleep issues, and everything in between. Hoping it’ll start looking up now that schedules have changed around here!!! In the meantime, I will look forward to my long run tomorrow and the hope that it’s a Spring and not a Winter run!!!!


I’ll be sure to update, PLUS send out a few new recipes these week! I also have a great Tabata set I will be sharing, so…stay tuned!!!

Time for a snowy run…

If there is one thing I love about winter, it’s running in the snow.  This is not so for many people; however, I find it easier to run in the cold, than I do in the heat!  It’s tough at first for the breathing, but once you are warmed up, I find it so much more enjoyable!


I ventured out for an easy 3 miles today with my running partner!  We are training for different races, but they are only a week apart.  We trained for our fall half marathons together, and are hoping to both have a better race this time around!


It was about 24 degrees, so not really that cold.  It was tough breathing for about a mile, but then our lungs started to cooperate.  It is easy to forget about the running when you are surrounded by such pretty views!!  A few months ago, this very spot was covered in pretty leaves.  A few months before that we were sweating our asses off and feeling as if we would die from heat exhaustion!  It’s so nice to run the same spot each season of the year!  I cannot wait for a Spring run with all of the pretty flowers!  We both missed that last year because we were both sidelined right around the same time for about 6-8 weeks.


We got our run finished up and then decided to get donuts for my boys…then saw a little snack basket special, so we each got one!  It is nice to sit and chat at a lovely little café on a snowy Sunday morning!  It is one of my favorite things to do!


We get another run on Thursday together, so I am hoping for a little more snow!  I am eager for Spring, but I want to enjoy as many snowy runs as I can before then!!!  Now, onto to do some baking and prep the ‘Vita Muffin Knock-Off’ recipe post for tomorrow….YUM!!! 


What is your favorite weather for running? Do prefer a certain type of temperature or season?

Weekly Goals and a change of plans…

It is time to set some weekly goals and post them to my fridge!  This is always a great way for me to stay accountable and feel accomplished!  It is always good to set goals you know you can complete, and throw in some challenges as well!  Since I am trying to do one thing a day that scares me, I will throw in a few ‘scary for me’ goals!

1.  Do yoga twice this week, once outside in the early morning or late evening

2. Make an appointment to see my doctor or podiatrist to check out my ankle.  NO RUNNING until I get the final word that it is okay (which it should be)

3.  Run 5 easy miles on Sunday (if given approval from doctor).  Run early to avoid the heat which leaves me running slow and feeling weak/dizzy (I should not complain about this….)

4.  Go to gym (parent room) twice for minimum 30 minutes of hard HIIT training on elliptical and bike. This gives me anxiety because Gavin usually freaks out, but I am going to try to keep it positive and hope he follows suit!

5.  Sit down at table for my 3 meals a day (this is a challenge…I am always putting my needs last, so I am always doing chores or errands and then shoving down my meals while running around).

6.  Make healthy snack staples: tofu pudding, granola, date balls, pumpkin protein bars

7. Hang pictures that have been sitting forever.  Organize book shelf by my desk.  Organize night side table in my room.

8. This is the scary thing for me…do not weigh myself this whole week.  Not once.  This is like an obsession with me, so to avoid that scale is just asking for an anxiety attack.  I am going to teach myself that I don’t need to be weighed 5 times a day.  This may seem silly or insignificant to others, but this is huge for me!!!

So there we have it.  My goals for the week. Of course, there are the normal ‘getting back to school’ things that need to get done for James, but I am going to be organized without being obsessive!  My kids are watching me closely and I know they are picking up on my attempts to chill out.  It is rewarding to see them calm down a bit and have fun without worrying I am going to worry…what a horrible cycle we are finally breaking together!  It is a proud moment and I won’t look down on it.  Here’s a pat on the back for all three of us!

What are your weekly goals?