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Speed Run & Tabata Tuesday

I reached a new PR today with my running. I’ve been trying out the new run schedule and it seems to be working out well!

I did 6 miles on Sunday which was a bit rough because I was sick. It was flashbacks of my half marathon: the sweats, the cramps, the gurgling…but I made it! I pulled out the 6 miles with a 10:05/mi pace. Today was a 2 miler and although, I’m still sick (sinus cold), I was determined to make it fast. I made it with an 8:43/mi pace and was shocked because the second mile was 8:20/mi!!! Tonight was the Tabata workout and I mixed it up with some jumps and body weight training!! I always feel so good after those workouts!! Now, I’m looking forward to watching “The Following” while laying in bed!!!!


How did you get moving today??


FOODIE PENPAL!!!!! Hooray!!!!

I was so excited to take part in this program, mostly because I love having pen pals, but also because I love healthy new finds!!  We are limited with what we can get over here, and so any healthy goodness that comes from the states is always welcome in a very over-dramatic and excitable fashion!!!  I was so lucky to get hooked up with a pal who is also a military wife and mom of two great kids!  She totally came through and hooked me up BIG TIME!!!!


As we know, I am a huge fan of chocolate, granola, oatmeal, chocolate, grains, green tea, chocolate, etc!!!  I swear, this package was seriously 100% bang on with things I am now in love with.  There is literally NOTHING in this package that I can get here!!!  That makes me really excited, because it is all new and all a treat!  My hub could barely get a clear picture because I was bouncing around and cheering like a total loser foodie!!



We are in love with the granola, and he is in love with the spicy goods that were sent just for him (how sweet is that??!!).  I have already enjoyed the oatmeal, and it was super good!!!!  I am actually going to hoard it so I can have it for my next half marathon!  I might have to order some on-line!  There were delicious single servings of trail mix, Lara bars, Dove chocolate, THEN packages of flavored quinoa, veggie rotini noodles and couscous!!!! I was in foodie heaven!!!




We are going to dig into the couscous and quinoa this week and then the pasta this weekend!  It could probably be seen as pathetic how excited I am about this!  I am literally saving the Lara Bars because I know once I eat them they will be gone…yes, that really does sound pathetic!  Oh well, I am sure there are others out there who get equally excited and pathetic about new foodie finds!  In the meantime, I have a new pen pal (not just a one time thing, hooray) and that excites me!  I am a lover of sending mail and handwritten letters, so a permanent pal is always a heart warming addition to my life! Now, we prepare for Spring (3 consecutive days of nice weather…) and look forward to being outdoors!!!!




What was your most exciting part of the weekend???

The Real Food Challenge Results

So a week ago, I set out to meet a goal.  I wanted our family (especially our boys) to eat at least 2 fruits or vegetables at every meal.  I also made a chart for James to help him try some new fruits and vegetables that he may not ordinarily eat.  Here is how it went!

I started adding fruit to his breakfasts…this was a challenge.  He is never really hungry in the morning, so I had to make sure he had some in his morning snack as well.  For lunches he is always provided two at school- one fruit and one veggie.  I cannot keep tabs to make sure he ‘really’ ate those at lunch, but I know he always at the fruit! I tried to emphasize the importance of having a healthy treat with a sugary treat!  -Sure, have a cookie, but also eat a veggie or fruit with it!


I would let him have a snack after school that had at least one fruit or on veggie with it.  We did banana and yogurt, peaches and pretzels, cucumber and string cheese, etc.  He loves cucumbers so that helped out a lot!  I even got him to eat some ‘banana’ ice cream!  It’s frozen bananas processed with cocoa powder- 2 ingredients and ONE fruit!!



For dinners I always put a plate of veggies in the center of the table in addition to the veggies on his plate!  The boys loved picking at the veggie plate and would often eat more just because it was there!!!  That was a great bonus! 


I am going to continue to make sure he eats at least 5 a day of his fruits and veggies, by continuing a fridge chart.  This chart will be the ‘I ate a Rainbow” like I had shown before.  It will not be as intimidating as the last chart!

All in all, I think it really did boost his intake and got him used to having those extra fruits and veggies with his meal.  It was easy for the rest of us, and I am glad it made a difference with James!!!


Next goal will be announced tomorrow!!

Homemade Whole Wheat Pizza Pockets

After stalking the 100 Days of Real Food blog, I came across a recipe I figured would work well in my household!  I didn’t really follow her recipe, just her idea; however, her recipe looks good!!!!  We all love pizza, and I have never bought Pizza Pockets…seriously….NEVER!  I have never even had one before.  I am not kidding.  So since this form of pizza would be a whole ‘new’ thing for my kids, I wanted to try it!


It was an exciting day for me because I was able to get a new food processor.  I know that may sound really lame and very unexciting, but I am a self-proclaimed loser, and it was an exciting moment for me.  I fangirled when I saw this processor, I am not kidding.  Ask my husband.  He was probably giving me a pathetic look, but I was too busy ‘ooh-ing and ahhh-ing’ over this thing.  Now, I am not one to go spend hundreds of dollars on appliances, so the fact that this was $119 (AND we got it for free with reward points), was even more exciting to me! 


It has so many possibilities…again, probably not as versatile as others, but for me…it is perfect!  As long as I can make my own oat flour, process my dateballs, blend up my own hummus, and whip up some tofu pudding….I am more than pleased!


Seeing as that was a highlight of my day, I was even happier when I realized I would get to use it to make my pizza dough.  I simply dumped 3 cups of whole wheat flour into the processer with the food blade/hook, and then added the water/yeast/oil/salt mixture.  I blended on the lowest setting for maybe 10 seconds, and it was done!  My last processor would have taken about 5 minutes, and a lot of shaking/banging around!


So before I just keep showing pictures of this processor and how it works, let me actually give you the recipe!!!

Whole Wheat Pizza Pockets

1 cup warm water

2 tsp active dry yeast

1 tsp salt

2 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

3 cups Whole Wheat Flour



Spoonful of sauce

1 Tbsp shredded Part Skim Mozzarella

Plus any other pizza topping you love, I added:

Roasted Broccoli

Grilled Bell Peppers

Pepperoni (for my husband)




Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  Pour 1 cup of warm water in a glass measuring cup.

Add 2 tsp of Active Dry yeast, and let it foam up a little.  Add salt and EVOO.  Stir if you need to. 

Add 3 cups of flour to food processor (with blade/hook), and then pour in water mixture.  Blend under a ball forms.


Coat a large bowl with EVOO and place the ball of dough inside, covered for about 20 minutes.



Flour your counter and break the dough into six pieces.

Roll one piece out, making sure it is coated with flour, so it doesn’t stick. 

Add sauce and toppings of your choice, then fold and seal.


Place, sealed side down, on parchment paper covered cookie sheet. 

Poke holes in the top with a fork

Place cookie sheet on middle or low rack and cook for 12 minutes.


Let them cool a few moments, and cut top or cut in half to let the steam out.

I served these with carrots and peas (2 veggies to keep with our ‘2 fruits or veggies at every meal’ goal)


The ultimate test, was seeing if James would approve.  As I have mentioned, he is our picky eater! 

He dug right in and then signed “Mom, I love this.  I love you”….WIN!!!!!


I took the 4 left over pockets, wrapped them in foil and will freeze them for future lunches or dinners.  I plan to make another batch just for freezing, since it would be easy to re-heat and use on a busy night!  It was pretty easy to make, and took a lot less prep than I originally thought it would.  I think I was still in excitement mode over my processor…again, because I am a loser. 

Give these bad boys a try, and let me know what you think!!!!

The making of our garden…

We have been keeping busy around here with our workouts, race training, household building projects and lots of new recipes.  We are working on a grocery budget, REAL food challenge, and adapting new healthy foods into the boys’ meals.  I will be doing a separate post about the REAL food challenge…it’ll be a goodie!!!  In the meantime, we whipped out the indoor greenhouse kits and vegetable seeds, then got to work!!



We used two mini green house kits, and two large ones.  James helped us pick out what to plant (since he helped create the garden last year).  We each got to add our favorite veggie as well.  All in all we will have: carrots (Gavin’s choice), radishes (James’ favorite), cucumber, sweet peas (my favorite), lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and sunflowers (Eric’s choice).  We will be adding peppers this week!!




The boys loved helping out, and Gavin is still playing with the dirt an hour after we have finished!!



I think it is important to get them involved and excited about growing healthy vegetables.  They help care for them, tend to them, and in turn get excited about eating them!  They see what their hard work turned into and then we get to enjoy the results together!  It was so fun for them last year to pick green peppers, zucchini or cucumbers from our garden to add to our meals!  This year, I look forward to the raspberry and strawberry plants that will be added with the help of our German neighbor.  Now, Gavin will be able to eat ours instead of sneaking into her backyard and stealing all of hers!!  Until then…..we wait!!



Do you do any planting for the spring/summer?  What would be your favorite vegetable or fruit to grow yourself???

Back in the Saddle…Day 2!

Although still tired, I woke up at 5:47am this morning!  This was sleeping in because for the past two weeks the alarm has been going off at 4am, today is the last day for that!  I read for a bit in bed and then ventured to the kitchen because I was seriously in need of breakfast.  It is at this point (tired and feeling lazy) that I would just grab the kid’s cereal or something easy and not so healthy.  I remembered my goals for today and the promise I made to fight against the the slump I have been in, and made my ‘not so overnight’ oats!

ImageI then sat at the computer for a little bit in order to download a cute little ‘Potty Training’ chart and prize tags from ‘Embellished Goods’.  I wish I could come up with these things on my own.  I need to get this boy on the potty without the fears and fits.  He goes through spurts and so I plan to just hunker down this weekend and try to do the naked boy method, then introduce the big boy undies!  One more things I have been having anxiety about…failure to get this boy on the potty without having a mental breakdown.  This is starting today as soon as our errands are done.  Stop worrying about failure and just go into it with a positive attitude for his sake!  We started off our big boy day with his favorite breakfast…the very thing Poppie would eat each morning while he was here 🙂

ImageI planned out my meals/snacks for the day, and followed it!

  • 1- Overnight oats with raspberries
  • 2- Apple
  • 3- Boca Burger on Whole Wheat Sandwich thin, grapes
  • 4- Fat Free Vanilla Yogurt with Coconut Lara Bar crumbled over top
  • 5-Shredded chicken tacos with two corn shells, tons of veggies and 1Tb part skim shredded mozzarella
  • 6- 1/2c tofu pudding with 1Tb homemade granola

I also decided on a batch of new cookies to make with the boys.  My goal was to do something fun with them without worrying about getting dirty, so I figured they can each have their own little bowl to make their own cookies.  They had a blast!  James was more about making the most cookies, Gavin was more about eating the icing sugar…it was so much fun!!

The other goal was to get in my 3.5 mile run, it was a make-up for being out of commission last night.  I had a couple of rough runs in my training and I really wanted to push myself for this one before I go for a 5 miler this weekend.  I am never a fan of running on the treadmill, I go a lot slower and I find it a lot harder.  My treadmill is in my spare room, downstairs, where it is really hot and just hard to breathe.  I was able to bust out my 3.5 miles with an 11:30/mi pace which is fine by me, since I normally run slower than that without the added heat and stuffiness!  I won’t lie, I was dying down there.  I even took to texting my normal running partner since I couldn’t ‘bitch and moan’ in person!!  When it got tough and I was  feeling like I was going to pass out from lack of air in that room struggling, I just made myself smile…literally, I ran with a smile on my face!!  Works every time!!!


Last but not least, I scheduled a CLEP exam for “Analyzing and Interpreting Literature”.  I studied today and did an hour long practice exam during Gavin’s nap time.  I have also registered for another class, and this will leave me needing 24 more credits to get my “American” version of my English Degree so I can hurry up and start my Master’s in Secondary Humanities Education with USC.  Two big steps today and I am very proud for making that effort like I said I would!

Now time to relax and practice ‘doing nothing’ just like the doctor ordered.  I plan on learning to enjoy this without the worry of needing to do a million other things!!  Wish me luck!!!

Overcoming Fears and Getting Back on the Saddle….

So here I am…I promised about a month ago that I was going to get back on a routine and start blogging again.  I enjoy blogging and I enjoy reaching goals I set because my blogging keeps me accountable…well the past month or so have been a bit of a rut for me.  Lots of fears, doubts, insecurities and uncertainties have been taking over my mind/life and now I am ready to face them head on and knock them down!!


A big part of helping me pinpoint what my issues have been, was a post I saw on one of my favorite blogs.  Angela at Oh She Glows, decided to turn August into a Challenge Month…“Do one thing a day that scares you”.  At first, I was not really thinking it applied to me, but this week I realized it absolutely does apply to me.


So I spent an hour at 4:00am, thinking about what fears have been doing to control me lately…there are a lot of them!  I was fearful of blogging again and sharing my experiences with healthy eating and exercise, because I have fallen into old habits…that being my Binge Eating Disorder.  Basically, I get stressed/overwhelmed and then go on a frenzy when I binge eat, feel horrible, lay on the guilt and belittle myself for hours/days.  This battle of going back and forth has caused me to lose any confidence I had in my body and has led to an 8 pound weight gain.  I am having a mini anxiety attack just writing this and putting it out there.  It makes me feel like a fraud when I promote all kinds of healthy ideals and then crumble when I feel overwhelmed.  Well this is me overcoming that fear of rejection, failure, and being judged for putting on a few pounds.  On a positive note, I have been running and training for a half marathon on October 7th.  I have been sticking to my schedule and promising to maintain this hard work so I can focus on those successes instead of the little things that feel like failures.  Focus on miles, not pounds!


I have been scared of voicing the areas I feel like I failing or not standing up for myself!  I have been taken advantage of at times and have not stood my ground as best as I could for fear of what would happen.  It has led me to a place where I have allowed myself to be excluded and left out of some big things.  This week that really changed.  I hit my breaking point and spent two days in utter mental turmoil.  I could not wrap my head around the path I should take or how to get past the things that were holding me down and leaving me feeling stuck.  I faced that fear today by going to counseling and laying my struggles out on the table.  I refused to hold guilt for others indiscretions and I refused to let those things cripple me any longer.  I laid out my expectations and what I wanted to happen in order for my life to move forward in a positive and functional manner.  It felt good to stand up for myself and hold others accountable, it was liberating to see that I wasn’t attacked or ignored for doing this.  I am now going to work everyday at being sure I am treated equal to my worth while standing up for myself and the life I deserve! 


Last but not least, I have decided to stop fearing the challenges involved with getting my “American” degrees and getting the teaching job I want.  I cannot be scared that I will not be good enough or capable enough.  I have always taught kindergarten and elementary students, but I will now be studying to teach middle and high school English.   I cannot settle for something less than I have always dreamed of because it seems so challenging to get there.  I am going to take the challenges and crazy roadblocks in order to get the outcome I truly want.  I am going to be patient with it and know that all of the struggles will pay off in the long run.  I am swallowing that big pill that comes with trying to change my Canadian education into an American teaching license, and I am going to do the monkey dance they are asking of me.  My goals are worth the pain in the ass hoops I have to jump through.  I am taking some tests and doing whatever I can to speed up the process while I have the time to do it.


What I am setting right now are goals that I am going to stick to so I can get past all of these insecurities and bits of anxiety.

  1. I will blog tomorrow with my exercise and meal plan so I will do my best to overcome binge eating relapses.  Due to a nasty stomach bug I am re-scheduling my 3.5 training run from tonight to tomorrow morning where I will hopefully not be plagued with an upset stomach.  I will go back in time and look at how I used to eat for health and energy rather than a need to lose weight fast. 
  2. I will study for a CLEP test so I can get some Literature credits knocked out of the way.
  3. I will spend the night ‘chilling out’ and not talking about ‘stresses’ as per my therapist, as a way to just remember how to spend time doing what I enjoy without fear, guilt or obligation to finish tasks from the day
  4. I will go do something immature and fun with my boys without worrying about getting dirty or being loud…suggestions welcome!

I will blog at the end of the day tomorrow to be accountable and take that step forward to fulfill my little goals one at a time…thanks in advance for listening and being a part of my jump out of the fog!!!