Time for a snowy run…

If there is one thing I love about winter, it’s running in the snow.  This is not so for many people; however, I find it easier to run in the cold, than I do in the heat!  It’s tough at first for the breathing, but once you are warmed up, I find it so much more enjoyable!


I ventured out for an easy 3 miles today with my running partner!  We are training for different races, but they are only a week apart.  We trained for our fall half marathons together, and are hoping to both have a better race this time around!


It was about 24 degrees, so not really that cold.  It was tough breathing for about a mile, but then our lungs started to cooperate.  It is easy to forget about the running when you are surrounded by such pretty views!!  A few months ago, this very spot was covered in pretty leaves.  A few months before that we were sweating our asses off and feeling as if we would die from heat exhaustion!  It’s so nice to run the same spot each season of the year!  I cannot wait for a Spring run with all of the pretty flowers!  We both missed that last year because we were both sidelined right around the same time for about 6-8 weeks.


We got our run finished up and then decided to get donuts for my boys…then saw a little snack basket special, so we each got one!  It is nice to sit and chat at a lovely little café on a snowy Sunday morning!  It is one of my favorite things to do!


We get another run on Thursday together, so I am hoping for a little more snow!  I am eager for Spring, but I want to enjoy as many snowy runs as I can before then!!!  Now, onto to do some baking and prep the ‘Vita Muffin Knock-Off’ recipe post for tomorrow….YUM!!! 


What is your favorite weather for running? Do prefer a certain type of temperature or season?


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