Time to get back in the saddle

Since so much has gone on in life, I figured it would be fun to start writing and blogging again! A quick recap….

More half marathons and obstacle races under my belt

Surviving a deployment while pregnant with baby number 3 (he was a shocker)

Having baby number 3, and having him break me (that will be a whole separate post)

Training for 5 races between March and June while doing grad school, while staying at home with 2 of the 3 boys, while still teaching Tabata, Pilates, and Yoga…whew!

Planning for traveling and fun with family and friends to help maintain sanity until this Master’s Degree is done in November!! Here are a few pics to show how crazy life has been….

IMG_5792 IMG_6056_2 IMG_6252 IMG_8053 IMG_6543 IMG_6577 IMG_6582 IMG_6857 IMG_6856 IMG_7324 IMG_8163 IMG_8387 IMG_8386 IMG_8396 IMG_8411 IMG_8547 IMG_8719 IMG_9418 IMG_9515 IMG_9813 IMG_9874 IMG_9885IMG_0499 IMG_0506 IMG_0549 IMG_0565 IMG_0573 IMG_0013 IMG_0021 IMG_0258 IMG_0401


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