The Real Food Challenge Results

So a week ago, I set out to meet a goal.  I wanted our family (especially our boys) to eat at least 2 fruits or vegetables at every meal.  I also made a chart for James to help him try some new fruits and vegetables that he may not ordinarily eat.  Here is how it went!

I started adding fruit to his breakfasts…this was a challenge.  He is never really hungry in the morning, so I had to make sure he had some in his morning snack as well.  For lunches he is always provided two at school- one fruit and one veggie.  I cannot keep tabs to make sure he ‘really’ ate those at lunch, but I know he always at the fruit! I tried to emphasize the importance of having a healthy treat with a sugary treat!  -Sure, have a cookie, but also eat a veggie or fruit with it!


I would let him have a snack after school that had at least one fruit or on veggie with it.  We did banana and yogurt, peaches and pretzels, cucumber and string cheese, etc.  He loves cucumbers so that helped out a lot!  I even got him to eat some ‘banana’ ice cream!  It’s frozen bananas processed with cocoa powder- 2 ingredients and ONE fruit!!



For dinners I always put a plate of veggies in the center of the table in addition to the veggies on his plate!  The boys loved picking at the veggie plate and would often eat more just because it was there!!!  That was a great bonus! 


I am going to continue to make sure he eats at least 5 a day of his fruits and veggies, by continuing a fridge chart.  This chart will be the ‘I ate a Rainbow” like I had shown before.  It will not be as intimidating as the last chart!

All in all, I think it really did boost his intake and got him used to having those extra fruits and veggies with his meal.  It was easy for the rest of us, and I am glad it made a difference with James!!!


Next goal will be announced tomorrow!!


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