The making of our garden…

We have been keeping busy around here with our workouts, race training, household building projects and lots of new recipes.  We are working on a grocery budget, REAL food challenge, and adapting new healthy foods into the boys’ meals.  I will be doing a separate post about the REAL food challenge…it’ll be a goodie!!!  In the meantime, we whipped out the indoor greenhouse kits and vegetable seeds, then got to work!!



We used two mini green house kits, and two large ones.  James helped us pick out what to plant (since he helped create the garden last year).  We each got to add our favorite veggie as well.  All in all we will have: carrots (Gavin’s choice), radishes (James’ favorite), cucumber, sweet peas (my favorite), lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and sunflowers (Eric’s choice).  We will be adding peppers this week!!




The boys loved helping out, and Gavin is still playing with the dirt an hour after we have finished!!



I think it is important to get them involved and excited about growing healthy vegetables.  They help care for them, tend to them, and in turn get excited about eating them!  They see what their hard work turned into and then we get to enjoy the results together!  It was so fun for them last year to pick green peppers, zucchini or cucumbers from our garden to add to our meals!  This year, I look forward to the raspberry and strawberry plants that will be added with the help of our German neighbor.  Now, Gavin will be able to eat ours instead of sneaking into her backyard and stealing all of hers!!  Until then…..we wait!!



Do you do any planting for the spring/summer?  What would be your favorite vegetable or fruit to grow yourself???


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