Swimming, Running, Baking and…peeing?

This has been a very productive long weekend for us!  We started with our belated Valentine’s Date Friday night, followed by running/workouts, birthday party, and family movie night Saturday. Garden building, baking, grilling and potty training Sunday.  As many people say, I never sit still…until it’s nap time.  My nap time.  Yes, I nap….and often!


We went to Hooters for Valentine’s….don’t judge!  I love wings and have been wanting a good plate of them for a long time.  When Eric mentioned there was a Hooters out here, I literally jumped with excitement.  Dare I admit that I have never had Hooters wings before.  Again, don’t judge.  I am from the East Coast of Canada…we don’t have a Hooters.  I was only able to eat 7 of these guys after having some mozza sticks, but oh man…they were SO good!  I seriously want to make a monthly one hour drive to Neunkirchen just so I can get some!!!  Eric then went out and ran 9 miles on Saturday morning…seems way too easy for him!!!  I did the Shred level 2 followed by Yoga Meltdown level 2…I felt like a happy, sweaty mess afterwards!  Then we made our way for some fun at the pool for a birthday party!!



We went by the movie store…seems weird that people still do that, but the boys love it.  Honestly, I love going there as well!  We each picked out movies for their 5 for $5 special.  I went with the romantic comedy, Eric went with a scary one, James went with a funny family fun movie, and Gavin picked Elmo (augh!)  We all cuddled up with blankets and snacks and enjoyed a night of ‘Frankenweenie’!  Sunday was all about the spring garden prep, some grilling, and some baking!  We made up some fajitas with enough left over for Eric’s lunches and quesadillas this week.  I baked up some granola, we go through this stuff very quickly, and made up our weekly menu plan for: Breakfasts, Lunches, Snacks, and Dinners.  We were able to get everything we needed for all of those meals until Friday for $83!!!!  The big event of the day was Gavin’s potty training….


He was very excited to tackle this skill, again!  I think it was the ‘Thomas’ undies!  He made it to the potty the first time….then felt confident enough to give a bare assed speech about going pee like the kids from his class…


Then he gave a pose down before peeing himself three times in a row.  It’s okay, we just need to be sure we are taking him to the potty every 15 minutes to keep him on top of it.  Our wait time was obviously too long!  Either way, he was very happy about his underwear and going potty, so we will keep at it!!!!


Hope your week was as productive and family oriented!! Gotta love that Family Time!!!!


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