Organize, cook, run, organize…

* This was supposed to post on Wednesday*

That about sums up my day yesterday….and since I am so cool, I can admit that I loved every minute! I am flawed in that I hang onto things, I am OCD in that I cannot stand clutter….such an ironic lifestyle! I love large amounts of cooking as a means of prep for the week, it makes life easier and it also keeps me on track with my health!

My goal is to have a weekend spread, just like Lindsay!!!

I sat down and took notes from a post I saw by Lindsy at a new favorite blog of mine- The Lean Green Bean!! You must check her out. This particular post references something that always makes my life easier…weekend food prep for the upcoming week!! We put together a list of goodies for me to make and have at the ready for the remainder of the week…in other words, get the hell away from chocolate and crap food!

PMS is over, I need to STAY away…

I whipped up some of my Chocolate PB Crunch granola, a batch of date balls, a new recipe (from Lindsay above) for frozen yogurt bars using FF vanilla yogurt, cranberries, almonds and some of my granola.



Then I cooked some turkey burgers, roasted lots of veggies, and cooked some taco shredded chicken. My favorite is eating the burgers without a bun, but with a side of roasted veggies. It’s not chocolate, but I seriously need to step away from the sweets.


For the organizing portion, we worked on our huge office/desk area, a little organizing a lot of purging. We are going to be selling a lot of unused stuff, so we are getting it all ready for a yard sale. Seriously, someone come buy all of my crap, so I can have a clutter free home for a day! We are updating our living room and bedroom, so I made pottery barn knock off shelves, and decorated with items from IKEA (inset fan girl squeals, as I am addicted to that store). They turned out great!!! Next come the new curtains and rug…


The running portion of my day came courtesy of the gym treadmill as we were having some seriously insane weather here…like, seriously insane! In a matter of minutes we had lightning, thunder, snow, rain, hail and a shit ton of wind! It happened twice!!! Facebook was blowing up with photos, videos and actual terms for the weather—-thundersnow…sounds fearsome! I did 3 miles on the treadmill and threw in some tabata intervals….Oh My Lord, that upped the ante!!! As a mother at my son’s school noticed, my face was still bright red 30 minutes AFTER I had finished! I will be adding that once a week along with the tempo run! Gotta work that speed up for May!!

Now, I must go continue purging and organizing while listening to audio books on my iPhone because I am THAT cool!! Don’t judge, just hate…I can’t help that it comes naturally! What organizing, cooking or running have you been up to????


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