A New Step Forward

After a tumultuous December and January, I am glad to say I can finally look forward to this new year.  There were a lot of trials, struggles and break downs; however, things are now looking bright!!  There are lots of things to look forward to and I am going to share a few with you!

I’ve always loved having pen pals, NOW I can have a FOODIE pen pall!!!!

My next Half Marathon!!! It will run along the Rhine River and end in Koblenz!!! The Hub will run it with me 🙂

I will have my newest certification finished this month!


I will be teaching Yoga again, very SOON!!!

Spending HOURS getting recipes, workouts, meditation inspiration, and tips for keeping healthy and positive!!!! Check her out and look for her SEAL OF APPROVAL!! Seriously…she rocks!!!

So there are just a few things that will be popping up around here!  Be on the lookout for some home improvement and furniture make overs, new recipes, meal planning tips and a new feature: weekly yoga posts!!!


AHHHHH, so good to be back!!


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