Some Organizing to make it Better!

It has been a challenging week here in the Groff Household. No workouts, lots of changes, stresses with school, and Christmas planning. I’ve been a bit of a ticking time bomb…that went off today!

I lost my composure and just let myself feel all of the stress and frustration. I cannot count how many times I broke down crying at random moments, but it was a lot! I vented, I asked for serenity, I relented and then I went to a happy place…and by happy place, I mean my two favorite organizing blogs: I Heart Organizing and I’m an Organizing Junkie!  You must check these out!  There are ideas for everything, plus amazing ideas while on a budget!!

IHeart Organizing

I'm an Organizing Junkie

I jotted down ideas for our new town house we will be moving into in less than two months (that was decided 2 days ago). I plan to organize the place before we even unpack, that way the clutter doesn’t follow us!  I will be using vases for counter utensils, old cupboard doors for art displays, and some ideas from Oh so Chichi for my Command center (to do/done boards, menu planner, and I will be adding a dry erase calendar, with a mail center!


I already have a blueprint for the boys’ playroom, my kitchen counter spaces, and the kitchen command center!!!  So, after my organizing frenzy and command center wish list, I decided to look at Christmas pictures to cheer me up. Christmas is my own cup of happiness and comfort, so I cling to that throughout the whole year, not just this month!! Here are some things that made me smile…




Now, I feel a lot better and I am ready to work on some of these fun projects as a way to clear my head and feel like I have control of some of the things that are bothering me!  Now to go take a nice golden bath courtesy of Lush, and get ready to bake a new set of cinnamon ornaments to decorate with my boys!

How do you cope with breakdowns, when you try to keep it together for so long?




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