Working on goals…

I’ve been working on meeting my goals!!  So far I have tackled some yoga, a parent room workout, made some of my snack staples, booked my podiatrist appointment, and am working on those bookshelves and night side tables!

Got some of my tricky poses down.  That was the first head stand I have done in over a year.  I tumbled last Spring and was nervous to try again.  I went all out and didn’t even try it against a wall because I KNEW I could do it, I just need to DO IT!!

Got a crazy 30 minute HIIT training done on the elliptical…Gavin was trying to break me, but I kept that smile on my face and he would then do the same.  30 minutes is a long time for this little guy.  I then hiked up some crazy hills with him in his little wagon during James’ tennis practice!

I already made my homemade granola, plus a batch of guacamole to go with those yummy bundles of joy you see above!  Flank steak in a Sun Dried Tomato wrap with guacamole, spinach, tomato and a little bit of cheese!  These were amazing!  I was already to asked to make them again this week!!!  Tomorrow I get the goods to make my date balls, tofu pudding and pumpkin protein bars!!

I have an appointment for Thursday morning with my podiatrist to check out my ankle.  I am hoping I caught it before it turned into anything too serious.  I have not run for 9 days and have been icing, strengthening and stretching as much as I can without irritating the area.  I am really hoping I will be able to get wrapped up and told to do stretches before I start running.  My ideal outcome would be to continue taking it easy and then be able to run by this weekend…easy running…but running nonetheless!  We will see!!!

For now I will just keep at my goals with a trip to the parent room tomorrow, organizing here and go check out my new volunteer gig….Public Relations for my son’s Elementary school!!  Time to show James all about volunteer work, again


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