Weekly Goals and a change of plans…

It is time to set some weekly goals and post them to my fridge!  This is always a great way for me to stay accountable and feel accomplished!  It is always good to set goals you know you can complete, and throw in some challenges as well!  Since I am trying to do one thing a day that scares me, I will throw in a few ‘scary for me’ goals!

1.  Do yoga twice this week, once outside in the early morning or late evening

2. Make an appointment to see my doctor or podiatrist to check out my ankle.  NO RUNNING until I get the final word that it is okay (which it should be)

3.  Run 5 easy miles on Sunday (if given approval from doctor).  Run early to avoid the heat which leaves me running slow and feeling weak/dizzy (I should not complain about this….)

4.  Go to gym (parent room) twice for minimum 30 minutes of hard HIIT training on elliptical and bike. This gives me anxiety because Gavin usually freaks out, but I am going to try to keep it positive and hope he follows suit!

5.  Sit down at table for my 3 meals a day (this is a challenge…I am always putting my needs last, so I am always doing chores or errands and then shoving down my meals while running around).

6.  Make healthy snack staples: tofu pudding, granola, date balls, pumpkin protein bars

7. Hang pictures that have been sitting forever.  Organize book shelf by my desk.  Organize night side table in my room.

8. This is the scary thing for me…do not weigh myself this whole week.  Not once.  This is like an obsession with me, so to avoid that scale is just asking for an anxiety attack.  I am going to teach myself that I don’t need to be weighed 5 times a day.  This may seem silly or insignificant to others, but this is huge for me!!!

So there we have it.  My goals for the week. Of course, there are the normal ‘getting back to school’ things that need to get done for James, but I am going to be organized without being obsessive!  My kids are watching me closely and I know they are picking up on my attempts to chill out.  It is rewarding to see them calm down a bit and have fun without worrying I am going to worry…what a horrible cycle we are finally breaking together!  It is a proud moment and I won’t look down on it.  Here’s a pat on the back for all three of us!

What are your weekly goals?


2 responses to “Weekly Goals and a change of plans…

  1. I no longer allow a scale in my house. I got too obsessed and it just wasn’t healthy for me. I’ve definitely gained a few though because my slacks are a little tight. 🙂 The date balls look great.

    • Yup, that sucker is not my friend. I would rather go by how my clothes feel since I gain muscle so easily and that always shows up on the scale. It is just hard to see a number going up or staying the same even when I know it is muscle, I just get caught up on that number!

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