For the love of…Yoga!

Since I have already written this post twice, and WordPress has decided to publish it as a blank document…I am going to make it short and sweet this time….

Shoulder pressure

I love yoga…I love the challenge, the excitement when I improve upon a difficult pose, the calmness, the ability to focus on something other than the stresses I may be having.  I enjoy sharing the practice with others and watching them move gracefully through a series of poses, that perhaps before was impossible to them!

Linda's Crow

I love doing yoga in pretty much any setting!  Something is pretty special about doing poses outside, in nature, with just a calm setting surrounding you.  It helps you appreciate where you are and what your body is doing!

Warrior I

I began teaching at Pilates Plus in Henderson, Nevada back in 2005.  I have since taught in Korea, Okinawa, Canada, and now Germany.  I held a retreat in Okinawa and it was one of the best learning experiences I have ever had.  I was able to really see how people can come together and unite even though they are complete strangers.  We used every type of setting while there: the beach, the grass, the sunset, the sunrise, the water…you name it, we enjoyed it!  I cannot wait to hold a retreat here in Germany!

Evening Practice with the Okinawan sunset

I have loved all of my yoga experiences and trainings!  I look forward to practicing yoga all over Europe whether on my own or with groups of students!  I will be going to Paris for a day of Yoga next month!  My goal is to do something that scares me, which is being judged by others!  That being said, I will be doing some sun salutations and some of my favorite (and most challenging) poses at different place throughout the city.  It will be a like a tour of Paris through Yoga!  Escaping the fear of judgement, it will be my way of putting myself out there and experiences those places in a completely new way!

While I wait for classes to start at Sembach, I am going to work on the retreat planning, my home practice area, and my arm balances!!


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