Listable Life Tuesday…

Today is a good day to have a ‘listable life’ post.  I love reading these posts at Moments That Define Life, but I am changing mine up today.  I am going to post my 5 favorite pictures of my boys…these pictures make me smile!!

This picture is from just moments ago. James saw me upset while on the phone. He could see I was hurting but still keeping a smile for him, so he came running out of his room cheering, “Look Mommy, we are your superheroes”.  I may or may not have cried a little harder out of pure love for these boys!

Can you tell he likes to be a super hero??!!  When Gavin came home, James wore this outfit for three days.  He said he wanted to be an ‘incredible big brother’…this kid has one of the biggest hearts I have ever seen!  He struggles over the division of attention, but in the end he loves his brother and always likes to see his little follower!

This picture makes me laugh out loud every time I see it.  I wish we could see Gavin’s thought bubble at this exact moment…it is probably, “Jesus, why is this kid always hugging and covering me with a blanket…just leave me alone!”  Oh, so funny!

I love this because they look like little mirror images of each other.  They are wearing their signature “Poppie Work Vests” from Canada and just seemed so alike in this moment.  It is from our first autumn in Germany and I remember how wonderful it was to finally experience a ‘season’ with them!!

Once again, a tender moment between brothers.  James just kept saying, “I love you, Gavin” while they were swinging.  He kept making sure to have his hand on Gavin’s and he kept his eyes closed the entire time…you could see him taking in the moment and enjoying the love he was sharing with his brother.  Gavin just kept this huge smile on his face and was so happy.  He would say “love you, toooooooo” in his little sing-song voice.  These boys melt my heart when they aren’t zapping my mind and energy!!

What experiences have you had lately that make you realize how much “moments define life“?

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