Back in the Saddle…Day 2!

Although still tired, I woke up at 5:47am this morning!  This was sleeping in because for the past two weeks the alarm has been going off at 4am, today is the last day for that!  I read for a bit in bed and then ventured to the kitchen because I was seriously in need of breakfast.  It is at this point (tired and feeling lazy) that I would just grab the kid’s cereal or something easy and not so healthy.  I remembered my goals for today and the promise I made to fight against the the slump I have been in, and made my ‘not so overnight’ oats!

ImageI then sat at the computer for a little bit in order to download a cute little ‘Potty Training’ chart and prize tags from ‘Embellished Goods’.  I wish I could come up with these things on my own.  I need to get this boy on the potty without the fears and fits.  He goes through spurts and so I plan to just hunker down this weekend and try to do the naked boy method, then introduce the big boy undies!  One more things I have been having anxiety about…failure to get this boy on the potty without having a mental breakdown.  This is starting today as soon as our errands are done.  Stop worrying about failure and just go into it with a positive attitude for his sake!  We started off our big boy day with his favorite breakfast…the very thing Poppie would eat each morning while he was here 🙂

ImageI planned out my meals/snacks for the day, and followed it!

  • 1- Overnight oats with raspberries
  • 2- Apple
  • 3- Boca Burger on Whole Wheat Sandwich thin, grapes
  • 4- Fat Free Vanilla Yogurt with Coconut Lara Bar crumbled over top
  • 5-Shredded chicken tacos with two corn shells, tons of veggies and 1Tb part skim shredded mozzarella
  • 6- 1/2c tofu pudding with 1Tb homemade granola

I also decided on a batch of new cookies to make with the boys.  My goal was to do something fun with them without worrying about getting dirty, so I figured they can each have their own little bowl to make their own cookies.  They had a blast!  James was more about making the most cookies, Gavin was more about eating the icing sugar…it was so much fun!!

The other goal was to get in my 3.5 mile run, it was a make-up for being out of commission last night.  I had a couple of rough runs in my training and I really wanted to push myself for this one before I go for a 5 miler this weekend.  I am never a fan of running on the treadmill, I go a lot slower and I find it a lot harder.  My treadmill is in my spare room, downstairs, where it is really hot and just hard to breathe.  I was able to bust out my 3.5 miles with an 11:30/mi pace which is fine by me, since I normally run slower than that without the added heat and stuffiness!  I won’t lie, I was dying down there.  I even took to texting my normal running partner since I couldn’t ‘bitch and moan’ in person!!  When it got tough and I was  feeling like I was going to pass out from lack of air in that room struggling, I just made myself smile…literally, I ran with a smile on my face!!  Works every time!!!


Last but not least, I scheduled a CLEP exam for “Analyzing and Interpreting Literature”.  I studied today and did an hour long practice exam during Gavin’s nap time.  I have also registered for another class, and this will leave me needing 24 more credits to get my “American” version of my English Degree so I can hurry up and start my Master’s in Secondary Humanities Education with USC.  Two big steps today and I am very proud for making that effort like I said I would!

Now time to relax and practice ‘doing nothing’ just like the doctor ordered.  I plan on learning to enjoy this without the worry of needing to do a million other things!!  Wish me luck!!!


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