A little motivation….

So there is a nice camaraderie happening at work right now!  It started with Lizzy and I, then Robin!  Now two more ladies that are starting up with running!  Could I be more proud to have helped motivate this?  Heck, NO!!!!  I think it is great to hear Lizzy tell me about her 4+ miles, Robin doing 6 miles and now Andrea joining in!  I get to start out slowly after this Friday with Pfitzinger’s 7 week plan, so I will be running with my girls again!  I am one happy lady!!!!  So, to help keep us all on track (meaning everyone reading this), here is some motivation to keep us going!

The best kind of sweat is the kind dripping from your face. #Inspiration. #Fitness #Weight_loss #Workout

Pinned ImagePinned Image pain is weakness leaving the bodyPinned Image

Last but not least….

Pinned Image

…this is what I need to remember on those days when I just want to eat a whole pound of chocolate!


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