Bondi Band Shipment and FINALLY another giveaway…

So, to say I had trouble receiving the package from Clif Bar Co. is an understatement.  The German customs office did not want to deliver the and were not understanding why I was getting items to try without paying.  With the help of a great gal from work, we were able to finally get it figured out, and so here they are ready for a happy new owner!!  Another happy day was when the Bondi Band order came in for all of the gals at my work!  Now we are working on a custom band order!


We had a wide range of head bands that came in!  We have a nice variety to keep us giggling during our runs (only a few more weeks, hooray)!  Since I am still going to Paris to cheer on my girls, I plan to attempt my first very small jog while there.  This, of course, is a test.  If I can jog 1 mile with intervals, then I am okay.  I have to go by my shin pressing test, and if it still hurts to push, then I know this little jog will be scrapped.  I do plan on bringing my “I love running, I love hating” band with me just in case!  I have to say that I love the “Run like a BAMF” band…I have a somewhat colorful way of speaking, so this is my kind of phrase!  We have our Texas AM girls at work, so they were pretty excited to see the “Aggies” band!  Then the “13.1” was supposed to be for my Half Marathon in Paris…but it will just hang out for some training and then a future race once I am A-OK!



The even more exciting package that arrived was my Clif Bar Shot Bloks from Dean Mayer!  This took a week of emails, phone calls and even letters to my house for these to get delivered to me!  I guess I will have to be more careful about getting things sent to my German street address!  Either way, it was a very happy day when the delivery guy finally came!


There are a great variety of flavors and tastes!  Even though I am sidelined right now, I gave these a taste to see which I would like best!  I would have to say my favorite flavor is a tie between the strawberry and the tropical fruit!  I love the sweetness!!  I am going to hang on to these for when my running starts up again, because I know these will be a staple in my SPI belt!!  I am super excited I was able to get these here and I know I will be ordering from Dean when I run out!  I am pretty sure I will have a few others that will want to be ordering these as well!


So in order to give these a try, let’s have a nice little giveaway!!!  I am going to be sharing more of these individual packets with some runners from my group and work to get their opinions as well…I will post here to let you know their overall thoughts!  For one reader, I will give a nice little stock pile of Shot Bloks with all of the flavors!  All you have to do is 2 of the following options:

1.  ‘Like’ Clif Bar on Facebook

2.  ‘Tweet’ about this giveaway with “Gimmie a Shot courtesy of Clif Bar @ Groffsgirl”

3.  Comment here about what fuel sources you love for your runs!


Make sure you send those comments so you get your chance to win!  I will do a random drawing on Tuesday, February 21st!


5 responses to “Bondi Band Shipment and FINALLY another giveaway…

  1. I usually use powerbar gels or shot bloks for my long runs. I used to buy them all the time in the states but haven’t ordered any online since we moved to Germany.

  2. I “like” Clif Bar on FB. 🙂 I’ve never really used any fuel sources for my runs besides basic foods. 🙂 I definitely need to start looking into some especially with training for my 1st half. 🙂

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