The Highs and Lows!

So Thursday my girls and I headed out for a nice, cold run in the snow!  It was about 24 degrees (or maybe a bit colder) and we were excited because it started snowing just as we were walking outside…


We did the regular trail run and got to our one mile marker as carefully as possible since there were some big icy patches on the trail.  There was some hopping and skipping in order to avoid falling on our butts!  When we started out loop around the pond, we were surprised to see people skating!  I did not realize the ice was thick enough for that, and quite honestly, I don’t think it was!  I didn’t have my iPhone with me for a picture of that!


When we got to our killer hill, we went at it full on!  We ran the whole thing and made it to the top with pride (and screaming lungs)!  There was someone burning wood or something, so right at the peak of the hill it was like breathing in front of a wood stove…ah well, we just ran right through it!  The only negative part of the run (because there is never a negative when I get to run with these gals) was that my legs were hurting pretty bad.  They probably don’t want to read this because I must have said it a million times while we were running!  The old lady legs were screaming, that is for sure!  At least Gavin was cheering for me when I was done!


Friday started off as an exciting day because I knew I was going to finally see the podiatrist about the constant pains and aches I have been experiencing over the past year.  The reason for going was to see about getting custom orthotics and solve those pesky pains once and for all!


Right away I was sent for x-rays of my left ankle (the one that had the sprained peroneal tendon).  I was feeling pretty good about the whole visit and was only anxious about the possibility that I would need orthotics that would be uncomfortable in my shoes.


When Dr.Duffy came in, we joked about me being an East Coaster from Canada and him being from New york…I guess he could tell right away.  He pegged me as a stubborn runner with control issues.  NO idea where he would get that idea!  He told me that the ankle x-ray came back okay.  I had to walk around a bit, jog in the hall, push on his hands with my feet and then he rolled the ankles around and pressed on the outer ankle bones.  All seemed well…hooray!


That is when sh!t started going badly!  He pressed on my calves a bit and then pressed on my shins (about 4 inches up from the ankle)…I yelped and pulled my legs away.  I basically yelled at him, “Yeah, don’t do that!”  He shook his head and told me that it was a very bad sign.  Long story short- all that is there is  skin and bone, and it is not my skin that hurts.  He sent me for more x-rays, this time of my lower legs.


That is probably really hard to make out.  The bottom of my bones are clear and crisp lines at the outside edge of the bone, which is how they should look.  Up in the center, the edges are very foggy, cloudy and not clear.  The edges are not defined at all, this means new bone is laying down and that it has been stress fractured.  It is already trying to heal itself, which means I have had these stress fractures for a while. Normally you would see nothing on an x-ray to determine a stress fracture (that would take a bone scan); however, mine is already trying to heal so the new bone laying down shows up.  This problem is on both tibias and both fibulas…yikes!  At least my calves look super defined!  So what does this mean?


I am sidelined from the Paris Half Marathon.  I was told that I had to stop running for about 3 weeks.  From then I have to see how my bones feel…literally.  If I push on my shins and they hurt, I cannot run.  Any twinge of pain, I cannot run.  Any limp or nursing with my strides, I cannot run.  He said I could aim for the Edinburgh Half Marathon in April, but that math doesn’t add up unless you include re-injury into the equation.  I need to take this slow, especially since I have been running on these bones for a lot longer than I should have!  I will take my time off, get a stationary bike from the neighbor, go to the parent room at the base gym 2x a week after work and do yoga/pilates 2x a week.  When I start back to running I am going to follow the Pfitzinger ‘return to running after a stress fracture’ 7 week training plan. I think it will be good for me to stick to a structured plan, so I don’t get ahead of myself.  After talking with my running mentor, Lisa, I decided that for now the only goal I am setting is to heal.  From there I will look at how I am doing and then see about some shorter races to get me back in the game!  It is time to truly ‘suck it up’ and remember it is better to have found out what is wrong and get to healing, than to have kept going and possibly snapped my tibia!  Chin up, young person!


Any words of wisdom, or motivational quotes for a control freak who was just told not to run the two races she has been training her ass off for???


2 responses to “The Highs and Lows!

  1. Time off is the pits! Although I’m glad to hear that you aren’t suffering from anything worse and that it’s not too painful. Hopefully you’ll be able to stay busy in other areas so that not running doesn’t get you too down.*

  2. Well, that sucks! Hope you are getting better soon and all will turn out fine.

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