Ice Run Sunday!

After the fail of last Sunday’s 7 miler attempt, I was bound and determined to redeem myself for my training by getting in 8 miles today!  I didn’t sleep well and woke with a huge headache…probably because Gavin decided wake up was 5:30am!  I ate up my English Muffin, Peanut Butter, Chia Seed, Banana contraption, layered up and headed out to the door to see this when I started my jeep…


Oh yes…that is very cold temps!  Reminder that it is 6F, not 6C!  I had to scrape ice from my windows and everything!  I met up with Emily in a parking lot and we got out 1.65 miles before Robin joined us.  We continued on and kept a pretty even pace despite the cold whipping us in the face!  I talked a majority of the run (as per usual), but we had Emily chatting as well…probably more than she wanted to!  As I always say, it helps build your endurance when you talk while running!  It is my excuse, since we all know I can never shut up!


When we went away from the wind it was so perfect, the sun was shining and it felt great!  That wind was a real killer today!  I kept trying to cover my face with my hood…note to self and others, it doesn’t work!  We had a couple very quick stretch out sessions and then just kept on going!  When 6 miles hit, Emily was on her way (she did a mile more than her training required…woo hoo!).  We took I forced a photo op before saying good-bye, then Robin and I continued on for her to hit 5 miles (at my 6.65 marker).


Of course we were running in the direction that gave us that lovely wind burn, but it kept us going and we chatted about races and how great training was going!  Robin did 5 miles last week and again this week!  Hello, remember I just mentioned that she was started out recently!  Talk about showing me up for her distance jumps!  Once she hit 5.25 miles, she was able to jump trail and head home.  Not before a photo op of course!!


Then, I continued on with just myself and my iPod…until it died right after I took some trail pics!  Of course, no one to talk to and no music to listen to.  I did what any loser English major would do….I started reciting “The Walrus and the Carpenter” to myself (memorized in 8th grade for bonus points and I always practice it so when I go home and visit, I can still recite to Mr.Johns)!  I did that a couple of times, then sang to myself, then talked to myself about how amazing I was doing, then told jokes to myself and then I thought about how excited I was that when I got home Eric would not have to go to sleep, because he is enjoying his first weekend night shift free!!!


I kept an eye on the Garmin and just kept pushing myself a little more, because I was feeling good and knew I could go a little bit farther!  I finally ended up with a great run, with a great distance.  The last 3 miles I was speeding it up a bit with about a 9:30/mm since we kept about an 11:00-11:30/mm for the majority of the run.  When I finally finished I had:


A total of 9.11 miles, with an average pace of 11:04/mm.  I will take it!!  I now feel so much better!  The fact that we got out there in single digits temps and ran the distance we did, and just kept going really shows the dedication!  I was very proud to come home and tell Eric that I added 39 minutes to my longest running time….Yes!  The longest I have run before this was 1:01, today was 1:41!  I didn’t fuel up during the run, because I felt great and didn’t want to feel sick from my sport beans, so I made sure to do it as soon as I finished!  Luckily, I have a shipment arriving tomorrow from Clif!!  Yes, that is correct!  Clif is sending a pile of Shot Bloks to me for review and a give-away!!  Stay tuned for the announcement so you know how to win!!!!  Happy Sunday, everyone!!!

Clifbar Clif Shot Bloks - 18 Pack


3 responses to “Ice Run Sunday!

  1. Where do you get your Chia seeds, Amanda? I’ve been wanting to try them but can’t find anyone that will ship them here. Did you buy them locally?

  2. Way to go! Sounds like a killer run!*

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