5 Things Friday (and Saturday)…

1.  Every weekend for the past couple of months, Gavin or I have been sick.  During the week, there is no problem.  Once the weekend approaches, it is an all out hacking, oozing and gut churning party!  This week Gavin is full on taking this as a competition for all weeks prior…double ear infection (despite the tubes), sinus infection, horrific diarrhea, swollen glands and possibility of strep…oddly, he is still hyper.  The down side is that he is hyper mixed with exhaustion and frustration at the same time.  You would never know this kid is sick…that is why we were so surprised!  He looks so innocent and happy, but then he is a pure terror of snot, goo and poo! Fun times!


2.  Ever think of doing something to make you feel beautiful???  Well, I was just shown this contest from one of the gals from my running group!  It is the chance to win a free mini-boudoir session with J. Butterfield Boudoir!  Just go on over to their facebook page, like it, and then tag yourself in the photo you see below!  Your session would include: 30 minute private shoot, 12 full-edited proofs in an on-line viewing gallery, 2 5×7 lustre coated prints and 3 digital images for computer viewing.  This is valued at $99, so make sure to enter for a chance to give a super special Valentine’s gift to your special someone!


3.  Sunday I do my 8 mile run!  After the horrible pain and fail at last week’s long run, I am pumped and ready to rock this one!  I have a trail to run in Otterbach with some of my fabulous ladies from work (Lizzy, Robin and Emily).  Lizzy is going to join me for the first 3 miles on the trail and then we get back to our starting point where Robin and Emily will be waiting to run the last 5 miles with me!  It is a great way to break it up and have some fresh feet (others, not mine) at the end to keep me going!  The cold doesn’t scare me, especially since I just got an amazing running top from my Father-in-Law!  He is a Snap-On Rep and sent me out a moisture wicking racing shirt to wear!  I am going to get “Groff’s Girl” as an iron-on to display on the front!


4.  I am now addicted to ‘word’ games on my iPhone!  Eric started me off by downloading them to the phone and then we literally sit here next to each other on the sofa playing against one another (well,  it is mostly when I am going to bed and he is working).  It is sad and funny at the same time!  We have been joking about it, and have been enjoying this ‘time’ together.  Now he is all done with night shift and I will get to have evenings with him again for the first time in 4 months!  Hooray!!

5.  I get very type-A when I clean my house.  I had about three melt-downs today as I was cleaning.  I was mopping, dusting, laundering, scrubbing, organizing, purging, and organizing some more.  The kids were coming right behind me like little Tasmanian devils, and began messing things up again.  Yes, they are kids.  Yes, they want to play with toys.  Yes, they should be able to play anywhere they want.  Yes, there is going to be some things laying around.  No, I cannot handle it right after I just scrubbed and cleaned an area.  Play in the play areas, and give me one clean area to enjoy for at least 10 minutes.  Do not come to the office area and dump out all of the board games that I just re-sorted and put away (then look so innocent)….that makes mommy want to spit fire and cry like a little bitch! 


What are 5 things you have going on???


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