5 Things I would tell my younger self…

As per a post on ‘Listable Life’s’ blog, I am going to take a prompt and write about 5 things I would tell my younger self.  I am pretty sure I could list at least 95 extra things, but I can keep that long winded rant to myself (you’re welcome)!  So here we go…

1.  HAIR: Just because it was forced upon you for a good few years, do not feel the need to continue with a mushroom cut.  No, seriously…ditch that NOW!  It does NOT go well with your buck teeth and flat chest.  It is honestly just something that should have been banned for girls…hell, even for boys!  Remember to trim as you are growing out the mushroom cut, because if you don’t, you end up with an unfortunate mullet!  You will get a perm for your 12th birthday and suddenly be transformed into a girl….oh perm, you make me want to be a better person!  Then you take a step backwards again when you go all out with the ‘Sackville Bangs’…it is okay, this will pass and you will have some good hair days, again!





2.  Enjoy your pregnancies and know that you are making two amazing boys.  Stop worrying about the weight, stop worrying that you look ‘fat’, stop worrying that people are going to think you gained too much weight and look fat.  Don’t complain about losing the weight, don’t complain about stretch marks, just be thankful you can carry these two healthy boys and have the strength and good health to deliver them into the world!

24887_10150147177210523_534805522_11824623_2769747_n[1]  188256_6279610522_534805522_134633_4786_n[1]  27198_10150137710555523_534805522_11625339_8092146_n[1] 199233_6279805522_534805522_149494_3858_n[1]   

 25248_501469840522_534805522_11354943_8065226_n[1]  n534805522_1452469_3480[1]   148624_10150323105835523_534805522_16076887_3916065_n[1]  148384_10150323086905523_534805522_16076483_3012478_n[1]

3.  Stand up for yourself.  Do not be intimidated because you are smaller than others.  Do not worry that people will not like you.  Do not worry you will get your ass kicked (because you do and then you are perfectly fine without a mark on you).  When someone gets in your face, tries to take advantage of you, tries to bully you, tries to force you to do something you don’t want to…go ahead and get ‘SACKVILLE’ right back at them.  Don’t take shit from anyone because it doesn’t help you.  Respect everyone until they give you a reason not to, BUT be sure you don’t get walked over in the process.  You are targeted because you are easily persuaded and don’t talk back…thicken your skin!  The problems are not YOURS, the problems are THEIRS and when you are older you will become an unfiltered, kind, funny, outspoken, not-taking-any-shit, mother, teacher and wife!  IT GETS BETTER!

4.  Leaving Korea early in 2003 was worth the trouble…don’t worry about the judgments or the consequences, it all works out!  Don’t stress about finding work right away, don’t worry about making a good impression, just know that you followed your heart and it was the right thing to do!  There is nothing wrong with meeting a guy in a Korean bar…he just might end up being your husband, the father of your two children, your own father’s prodigal son, and your world travelling partner!  You will have a lot of heartbreak together, a lot of struggles and tests, a lot of stressful times, but you will never be more loved or cared for!


5.  Always follow your heart.  Never give up on a dream because you cannot see ‘how’ it can come true.  Don’t underestimate the things you can do!  Stop forgetting your worth, you are the world to some very awesome little boys!  Hand written letters are still amazing in 2012, so still write them just like Nanny taught you!  Be thankful everyday and give gratitude for every problem you encounter!  Praise every little thing about others, it might be exactly what they need to feel their own worth and turn their day around!  Remember that your students usually love you as much as you love them and it is okay to cry when you leave them despite what others might say.  You will reach a point in your life where you will raise two boys who have the same behavior and sarcasm you do….it is okay that is pisses you off sometimes…your Dad thinks this is hilarious and you owe him that joy!  Tell people how much you love them, hug often, accept compliments and remember them, trust your judgment and know that you are going to turn out to be pretty amazing!

What 5 things would you tell your younger self?


3 responses to “5 Things I would tell my younger self…

  1. This is a beautifully written list. 🙂 And, the mushroom cut was priceless!

  2. That guy that breaks up with you your sophmore year of college and made you feel like your life is over… is really a grade-a douche bag and is not really going to make anything of himself… get off the couch and go dancing with your girlfriends!

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