Just some motivation for a Thursday morning!!

Just wanted to send out some positivity and ‘”go get ‘em” vibes for today!  It has been a great week despite my house of sickies (as per usual)!  I really had a super fantastic afternoon yesterday, despite locking my keys in my car and having to wake up my husband from night shift sleeping to come unlock the jeep!  I got to run with my CLA girls (we really need a name for our new little running group) and they did AMAZING!!!

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We talked about how our running helps us relieve stress, gain confidence and just feel GOOD about ourselves and the things we are able to do….especially things we didn’t think we could do!  We have planned on running a 5K race together!  I am going to check some out and I am going to work on a little surprise for them!!!!  On Monday Robin and I went together since Lizzy’s  little gal had ballet!  We did quick intervals and it was COLD, so I was glad we still went out despite the two of us not feeling well!


Then, yesterday the three of us got to go (after my crazy, lock my keys in the car, delay) and I was just blown away!!!  They went on ahead of me so I could catch up and Lizzy did her longest interval to date!!!  She just kept going!  Then we went to the pond and this is a half mile loop…Lizzy did the full loop.  She just kept saying, “A little further” and made it clear around!!!  Another long interval!  Robin and Lizzy just kept going, laughing, chatting, and forgetting how much better they were doing!  This was great because they were enjoying rather than dreading!!!! 


When we got to ‘the hill’ Lizzy, Robin and I busted ass!  We ran and only stopped for one little walking interval!  I made them start running WAY earlier than I normally would have in order to see how far up the hill they would make it….uh, yeah…..TO THE END!!!!!!!  This hill is no joke and they just dug deep and finished!!!  We then ran just a little bit farther so they could hit…..wait for it……the 3 mile mark!!!  YES!!!!!  They ran 3 miles with barely any walking intervals, a huge hill, speed work, AND an average pace of 10:02/mile! To say I am proud is an understatement!  I have NEVER been a guide to someone starting out with running, and this helps me so much!  It makes me re-learn the things that help me as I train for Paris and it helps me remember to have patience with myself!!  In the words of Lizzy, “we were pretty bad ass”…and I would have to agree!!

Share some love and props for my girls if you will….add a comment below and I know it would be greatly appreciated!!!!  Another little note of excitement….

Bondi Band give-away winner is announced tomorrow (TGIF)!!! 

Happy Thursday, Everyone!!!!


2 responses to “Just some motivation for a Thursday morning!!

  1. You Rock Girls! Of course, Lizzy is always styling, even when she is running. Amanda, I think that is awesome that you have started up a group at the school. I am sure those teachers need a good run after a day at the preschool. Keep it up ladies!

    • It sure makes the day end on a high note when we can go out and reach goals together! I know that they love the activity in order to clear their heads after a busy day!!! Of course, I do as well!!!

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