When sickness takes over…

So it has been a very frustrating week to say the least…well, in terms of health and training.  I was able to get my two runs completed after work on Monday and Wednesday, but then it was all downhill from there…

I was off early (3:30pm) all week, so running after work was quite easy!  I had a gal from the running group join me on Monday for a hilly 3 mile run around the neighborhood.  I did my Shred level 2 workout on Tuesday.  Then two gals from the running group joined me, along with another teacher from my school, for the 3-3.5 miles on Wednesday.  We have a trail that leads to a small pond area.  We run to the pond and then just lap it in order to get our mileage in.  Fresh air and a big hill to run up at the end, keep it entertaining while I think to myself, “Just Keep Running!!!!”


Thursday I was not feeling good…at all.  I was stuffed up, had a throbbing headache, and my nose was like a running faucet.  I decided to make that my rest day, came home and pretty much spent the rest of the night doing my ‘mom’ duties before finally being able to hit the hay.  Friday I was feeling okay.  The plan was to come home and hit up another level 2 Shred workout before tidying up and turning in early.  When I got home, there was so much to get done that by the time I finished it was 8pm and I decided to do the workout the next morning….yeah, that did NOT happen!

Saturday we went around to run errands and it was not a fun day.  I was up the whole night before with an upset stomach and I just felt miserable!  I didn’t get home until 6pm and then had to make up some dinner for the kids.  I felt so sick to my stomach and just worn out.  I had a planned run the next morning with Michelle who just joined our group, so I laid down and tried to go to bed early.  That failed…miserably.  I was up from 4:40am sick…again.  I could barely move the rest of the day.  I stayed in my pj’s, did lesson planning and basically tried to re-hydrate myself.  It was a mental defeat to me.  I was trying so hard to stay on my training plan (even without the shoes I need) because I don’t want anymore setbacks in my Paris Training.  Here I am a run behind and sitting at home sick.  I decide it is okay, I can make it up on Monday when the girls are going for an 8 mile trail run…

P1010478 (640x480)

Again, defeat.  In the bathroom the whole night.  Throbbing headache.  Fever.  Achiness.  Exhaustion.  I feel frustrated, angered, lacking, worried and just flustered about trying to be on track with my training.  I have a run after work tomorrow and will do at least 4.5 miles.  Thursday will be another 4.5 miles and Sunday will be 6 miles.  It just means I have to use this week as the ‘short’ long run, that just never got done.  It sucks, I am pretty frustrated, but I also have to realize I am sick and there is nothing I can do at this point.


Wish me luck for some successful pond runs, 3x level 2 Shred workouts, and a happy 6-7 mile run on Sunday. 

This week will turn around, I just need to make sure I rest up today, hydrate, eat my fruits, veggies, proteins, and just get past this mental set-back!

2 responses to “When sickness takes over…

  1. FEEL BETTER SOON! We had a great 8 miler this morning in Weilerbach. I think there were 11 of us total… wonderful 🙂

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