Two Crazy Feet…

So I had mentioned that I got a foot analysis done during the Christmas break, I figured it was about time to post about it….


The area is set up in our base ‘Outdoor Rec’ shop.  You just make an appointment and head on in, for free!!  We started off with a thermal stand that when on it barefoot, it shows your arch type.  Mine was quite high!  He wanted to re-do two more times to make sure because I didn’t ‘look’ like I had high arches…lo and behold, those suckers are VERY high!  Then I had to walk toward him two or three times so he could see the form my legs too.  Oddly, because I am high arched, my knees go inward…what they call type ‘x’.


So as you can see from this chart, I am type B for my foot print, 3 for my Leg axis and then that makes me B3….so, I go with the neutral to over-pronation shoe.  I was told to make sure I go for over-pronation and try to get inserts as well since my arch is so high.  Then it was onto the treadmill for them to record my running gait.


You can see (from the markings on the bottom of my feet) how high my arches are, but also…take a look at my left foot.  Do you see how it is rolling inward???  Let me get a close up of that…


I am basically landing and putting all of the pressure on the outside of my foot.  My outer heel is lifting off the ground (treadmill) and my inner ankle bone is much higher than it should be.  Also, the knees go inward quite a bit compared to my hips.  I think you can see that better in the first treadmill picture.  This is another reason inserts are pretty much a needed addition to my running shoes.  There were a few pictures that he showed me where it looked like my ankle was about to snap, no wonder I have been having so many problems!!


These are not my feet, but this is the print out I received that shows the motion of my feet upon impact.  If you look at the second picture down from the right you can see how that ankle is rolling WAY in…that is me!  I was given some shoe recommendations, told to get inserts and sent on my way with my new found information!  When I got home I looked up some shoes and went with the Saucony Progrid Guide 5’s…I just got those in and they were quite stiff on my feet, and the size was too big.  I am returning those and instead went with the highest recommended shoe for me, the Brooks Adrenaline 11.  I am hoping those arrive quickly this week, and will let you know how they work out!  Let me tell you, this analysis answered a lot of questions and I wish I had it done A LONG time a go!!!!  Here’s to some happy feet (hopefully)!

Have you had a foot analysis?  Are your feet a rare brand?  Do you have a perfect shoe?


2 responses to “Two Crazy Feet…

  1. Hi there! I’ve been meaning to get an analysis for a while now! But, I do love my Brooks Adrenaline. I’ve been wearing them for years. They seem to be working perfectly…but I’ve got to wonder if there’s anything better out there!

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