Goals, Resolutions, Ups, Downs, Adventures and Recaps…

2011 was an amazing year for me!  It literally all changed on January 18th when I read an article on Yahoo! about women’s weight loss blogs and how they reached their goals.  The first one I looked at was Katie’s and this was the post I saw).  It literally changed my life!  From that moment, I started a blog, refocused my goals and started a new chapter in my life!  Here is where I started…


I looked at these blogs and saw that a lot of goals revolved around being healthy, being active, setting goals that were not just about pounds, using community support and suggestions as tools for success, and most of all the blogs revolved around motivation and believing in one’s self worth!  I began trying new foods, learning new ways to cook, and creating meal plans to keep me satisfied and on top of my nutrition…I now have people asking me for recipes, plans and advice!

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I have been up and down a bit this year, particularly with our move to Germany when I put on a few pounds and found myself with two back to back running injuries, but I have maintained that my goals need to focus on activity and not weight.  I revel in the amazing feeling I get when I reach a new goal that I have previously thought unattainable!  To me, that has been running!  I was NEVER a runner, I struggled, panted, gave up, complained and just believed I ‘could not’ run….well, I changed that in 2011!

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I ran my first 5K after 6 weeks of training (no history of running and crying at 3 minute intervals my first day).  I was so elated when I finished, it was literally a shocking and bitter sweet moment for me!  I then ran a few more 5K races before we moved from Okinawa!  I enjoyed some runs with WOOT, and met my running mentor, Tricia!  While in transition to Germany, we stayed in Wisconsin for 1 month.  I was able to use my MIL’s treadmill and realized I loved running while listening to audio books.  On that treadmill in the downstairs, overlooking the gorgeous lake, I ran my first 40 minutes straight on Mother’s Day!

DSC02071 (640x472)IMG_0975 (480x360)DSC02267 (640x480)

Once we moved to Germany, I was without a means for running…literally.  I was alone with my two boys while Eric was gone 14 hours a day. For the first couple of weeks we were able to enjoy some gorgeous hikes and walks together!  What an amazing place to live!!! Then a downside to our summer…my poor little James broke his leg and spent the summer in a full leg cast (horrible!!!!).  I was ecstatic when Eric got me a treadmill for my birthday!  Within a couple weeks I was sidelined with severe shin splints…I mean these were the worst I had ever had.  I could barely walk.  After those 3 weeks, I was running when I could and incorporating HIIT training as well.  Those pesky shin splints came back even harder.  After resting I was feeling discouraged and starting to worry about pounds and was seeing myself falling back into my old traps.

P1000944 (640x480)P1000989 (640x480)P1010190

Then I met a lady who told me about two 5K races coming up in October (I had 11 days to go from nothing to 5K).  I was determined! These runs were just what I needed to get myself re-focused on goals and also refocused on what made me feel GOOD about myself!  I ran the first one (Breast Cancer Awareness) in honor of my Nanny, and the second one was the Red Ribbon race for Drug Awareness.  After this race, I met up with the Ramstein Runners and set the goal of running the Paris Half Marathon on March 4th.

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I have since enjoyed runs with them, tried out Vibrams and then sprained my peroneal tendon, ran a 7.6K race (with some pain), sidelined for  another 3 weeks, and am now back on track with my half marathon training plan by just running my first 4 miles today, January 1st, 2012!  To know that I am going to run a half marathon exactly one year after my first 5k makes me very happy!  I never would have thought I could set that kind of goal.  Now I feel like I deserve to achieve it, so I know I will achieve it!  I have great plans for 2012 and they all revolve around respecting myself, growing in my goals, celebrating my achievements, and sharing my lessons along the way!

What are your plans/resolutions for 2012?  I will post my more specific resolutions in the next post!


5 responses to “Goals, Resolutions, Ups, Downs, Adventures and Recaps…

  1. I love that you became a runner this year. Sorry about the injuries and I hope that 2012 is better in that department.

    My BIG goal this year is to PR at the Berlin Marathon

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  3. you are so funny…running mentor…. 🙂 love you and miss you lots. maybe one day we can meet up at a “destination race”!

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