2012 Goals and Resolutions!

I had big plans for 2011 as I have already said, and I now must come up with some great goals for 2012.  I really want to continue focusing on overall health and well-being.  I know it starts a lot deeper than just keeping a positive outlook, so I have enlisted some other help to make sure I am getting past the route of those pesky problems that have crept up off and on over the past year!  Time to face the music and admit I can be a shit sometimes, hold grudges other times, and just deny why things go the way they do when I am backed in a corner.  Time to let it all go!


Goal: Finish my “Unlimited” book by Jillian Michaels.  I have gotten just past the halfway point, and have also gotten halfway through the workbook pages as well.  I have actually felt better about certain things because of the work pages from this book!  It is not a weight loss book, an exercise book, or a weight training book.  It is a book to get you out of bad life cycles and resolve them once and for all.  This is a must read!  I am even putting it on my iPod so I can listen to her SAY these things to me in audiobook format…remember, I am a nerd who runs to books a lot more than I run to music!

Unlimited: How to Build an Exceptional Life

Goal: Obvious, but finish the Paris Half Marathon!  This will be a magical moment for me!!!  A lot has built up to this and a lot has gone into it, be it sweat, tears, pain, stress, and injuries!  I am determined and I refuse to let myself down in anyway!!!  As I mentioned in my last post, I am right on track with my training, woo hoo!!

Goal: Run a second or third half marathon!  I am eyeing the Edinburgh Rock-N-Roll Half Marathon that takes place April 15th.  I contacted UK’s Make-a-Wish Foundation to see if I can join their charity running team, and raise money to help make some children’s wishes come true!  I have always wanted to do something for the Make-A-Wish Foundation (besides just donating) and this would be a really great way to help out!  Here are fingers crossed that I can have MY wish come true!



Goal:  Begin my Master’s Degree in Elementary Education (after 3 years of trying to get this set up!!!) and get AT LEAST half way through it!!!!  This will be an amazing accomplishment for me, because I have been trying to do this for a long time!  A lot of set-backs, but this time it is finally happening.  I should be up and running with classes before the month is out!!!

Goal:  Get my book, “Let’s Go To…Korea” self-published and finish writing, “Let’s Go To…The North Pole” and “Let’s Go To…Italy”.  These are a series of books I started for Children.  They are fun books that help teach children about other countries and cultures in an adventurous way!  My overall goal is to write a series of at least 12 books so I can use them to teach my own students and hopefully sell in bookstores (or use at my own little school) one day! 

Goal: Start saving ‘X’ amount of money every month to go towards next Christmas’ expenses…this year we got hit with some hard blows right at Christmas-time and it set us back…drastically!  I want to be better prepared so we are not finding out last minute we don’t have the means to get the things we had promised to buy.  This fund would be a way to help us not worry about last minute gifts, late gifts, and the feeling of letting people down.  Although Christmas isn’t about presents, it can make you feel pretty lousy when you suddenly aren’t giving the things you had hoped!

Now that I have some health, charity, financial and education goals set, it is time for me to get down to some resolutions!  I don’t do the whole, “I am going to lose 30 pounds by January 15th” type of resolution.  I usually just make one.  The resolution I make is this: I want everything to turn out the way it is supposed to, and I resolve to be okay with whatever it is!  Things happen whether we want them to or not, it is only up to us to decide HOW we react to these things.  The outcome is what you make it, the hardships are only as hard as you allow them to be, and the struggles are only a struggle if you fight them.  This is something I always aim to work on and quite often I give in to the worries and struggles.  A book I am reading (AKA: listening to as I run) is helping me really see how I am making matters worse and even bringing them my way because I give up and let the hard times over take me! Check out “Man’s Search for Meaning” by Viktor Frankl, I guarantee it will change your outlook on a lot of things!


What are your goals or resolutions for 2012?


6 responses to “2012 Goals and Resolutions!

  1. The children’s books sound really cool! The European races look really fun. I’m supposed to move to Germany after my husband’s deployment, so I’m hoping to get in on that action!*

    • I can say that I am super excited to see some amazing European sights while running!! It is a great way to travel and do something great for your body at the same time!!! Hopefully you will come on over! Make sure to let us ‘German’ bloggers know!!!

  2. i love your goals! you can do it!! 🙂

  3. All great goals, so awesome! 🙂 Thats so cool that you want to run in the Paris half marathon! 😀

    Good luck on reaching all your goals and I hope that you have an amazing and very blessed 2012!

    • Thank you very much!! It really is a dream come true for me! I have always wanted to go to Paris and now I get to have a romantic weekend AND a crazy amazing goal achieved at the same time!! I hope you ALSO have a great 2012!!!!

  4. I never thought to listen to a book while running. Great idea!

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