Merry Christmas!

As we know, I am a huge fan of Christmas!  I love everything about it (especially now that I get to see my children enjoy it)!  We always get to start new traditions as we travel around the world, which is amazing.  It still makes it hard to be away from our families, but luckily we know that after this tour, we will be back in the State and able to join in on the big family gatherings!  In the meantime, we have skype and phone calls to keep us connected!

P1010886 (640x480)

We started off Christmas Eve with a new tradition…going to our neighbor’s house for presents, snacks and wine (I opted out of the wine).  The boys were thrilled with their goodies, and Gavin was thrilled to be eating his German snacks!  He loves these people like they are his family and it is really sweet to see how loving they are to the boys as well!

P1010874 (480x640)P1010881 (480x640)P1010883 (640x480)P1010879 (640x480)P1010884 (480x640)P1010872 (480x640)

We then came home to set out cookies for the Santa, carrots for the reindeer, and James sprinkled the other reindeer food in the backyard. James was so over-excited, I did not think he would go to bed, but he obliged when he rationalized that if he wasn’t sleeping, Santa wouldn’t come!

P1010885 (640x480) (2)P1010888 (640x480)

Eric and I had some presents to wrap and then we got to work laying all of them under the tree!  We went to bed and due to my excitement, I slept horribly!  I am worse than a 5 year old kid on Christmas Eve…always have been!  I was the first awake and had to wait for the others to wake up!  James was the second one up, then we woke up Eric and Gavin!


We had a great morning, lots of presents from our families and friends, lots of laughs, lots of ‘building’ toys, and lots of  lazing around in our jammies!  I refuse to get out of my pajamas on Christmas Day….even with the neighbors came over!  We made our phone calls to family, played James’s new Wii games and had a great time laughing at each other through the attempts at “Just Dance Kids”!  Time with friends and my little family are always a treasure!  We cannot wait until we are with the WHOLE family one of these years!!!


How was your Christmas?  How did you celebrate?  What is your favorite part of Christmas Day?


One response to “Merry Christmas!

  1. It looks like you had a wonderful holiday!

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