A German White Christmas???

After living on a tropical island for three years, I was ecstatic to get to Germany so I could have a white Christmas!  It has been this huge build up since we arrived…the anticipation of Christmas Markets, sledding, building snowmen and seeing beautiful, snow covered trees on Christmas morning.  It looked like I was going to get my wish….


This was the view from my house the other morning!  The boys and I were beyond excited!  We were squealing, opening the doors and making plans to play outside!  They wanted pictures with the snow and I wanted to capture their excitement for our first German snowfall…


The streets were covered, and I was hopeful it would stick for Christmas…


Sadly, I was mistaken!  It was gone by the end of the day (due to rain) and we have had nothing but rain since then.  It is looking like we are going to have a green (and rainy) first Christmas in Germany…boo, to that!

Sunday Dec 25, 2011

50% Chance of Drizzle

50% Chance of Drizzle


What kind of weather are you having for Christmas?


One response to “A German White Christmas???

  1. NICE! It looks picturesque. I wish we got snow for Christmas here in Portland. Not this year.

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