The best job in the world!

I have been having an overdose of Teacher Blogs these last few days!  I have the chance to become a new Pre-K Teacher at my school, so I am acting as if I have the job (visualization) and have been preparing accordingly 🙂 You must check out these awesome sites!!!  I have found amazing resources for teachers and even things us Mommies can use!

KinderGals     Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits     Ladybug's Teacher Files          Pre-K Pages

If there is one thing a person should know about me (if they know me), it is that I am a VERY passionate teacher.  I will be the first to admit that I am only good a being a teacher…any other profession would be a catastrophe, because I would not have passion or desire to do it well!!  There are many ways being a great teacher has helped me in other areas of life…


I always give my kids a side of me that most teachers won’t…full disclosure!  When I see they are lacking respect or comfort with/for me, I tell them a story from my childhood.  Usually it is an embarrassing story, or a story about how horrible a student I was in my younger years, OR something to do with my craziness as a child.  When they realize I am just an ordinary person who does NOT think they are superior, they feel more comfortable making mistakes and asking for help!  Or I just show them how hideous I was as a child…


I love to find new ways to teach and new ways to get kinds excited about learning!  There is nothing more rewarding or important as a solid education where you gain confidence from great teachers and not insecurities from crappy teachers!  We don’t do it for the pay, we do it to make a difference!  For me, my ultimate goal would be to open a language school where children are encouraged to learn according to THEIR learning style, not according to a teacher’s one-tick-pony teaching style!  Individuality is the key to success in the classroom…you take that away from a student and you leave them as an empty shell with low self-esteem!  Let them dance, be crazy, have fun, and get excited about being at school! n534805522_2400772_1454[1]n534805522_2386471_9546[1]

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If I could spend one whole day researching, pinterest-ing, or blog-hopping it would be to teaching sites and classroom supplies site!  I am a nerd, a great teacher, a gal that loves the smell of pencils and new erasers, and a mom that loves to use her teaching skills at home with her kids!  There is no greater gift than that of a child who tells you that ‘you are their favorite teacher’!!!

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What are you passionate about?  What is your dream career?  What could you spend hours learning about?


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