Christmas Break and Weekly Goals!

So Christmas break has begun!  I had an amazing Friday with my little students!  We decorated gingerbread houses and gingerbread cookies (see our stash of candies below), we read Christmas books, danced around to Christmas music and just enjoyed our time with Mrs.Robin (the class teacher)!  I got to finally get my boys on Santa’s knee this weekend, and I busted out some Shred to start my week of goals off right!



When your Friday starts off with plates and baggies of candy, how can the day be anything but amazing??!!  The kids were super psyched, and I was super proud that I didn’t touch one tiny bit of it, I stuck with my WW and ate my healthy snacks instead!  Saturday we got some crazy hectic shopping done and then got a chance to sit the boys with Santa….and this Santa was amazing!  He was so sweet and looked like the real deal!




Sunday was spent napping (Gavin woke me up at 5am, then I couldn’t get back to sleep), getting groceries, planning last minute crafts, visiting Uschi so I could bake cookies for her at her house, then having James cheer me on as I did “The Shred”….the boys are now eating pizza as I eat some baked chicken with veggies!  Can I just say that I absolutely LOVE Jillian Michaels and all of her workouts.  I wish I could have her as my trainer every week!  Since I can’t, I will settle for a few new videos of hers that I asked Santa to bring me!

Now that I have her starring at me while I make my weekly goal list to take me into the Christmas Weekend!

Run- 3 runs this week (M: 25 min, W: 30 min, Sat: 25 min) * I am going for time and not looking at miles this week.  I want to focus on my time running and don’t want to get discouraged if my pace is slower than I am used to..Next week it will be miles!

Cross-Training: Shred on Tuesday and Friday

Emotional/Mental: Write in my journal or gratitude journal every evening.  If I have a bad day, I will re-write my day as I would have liked it to be in order to keep positive!  Pick one good deed to do with the boys this week, my plan is to take some homemade cookies and hot chocolate to the gate guards at the nearby base this week.  It has been cold and they are stuck out there all day in the rain!

Family: Write thank you letters to Santa before we get presents, let James make cookies all by himself, make play-doh for Gavin, Cuddle with Eric and let him choose whatever movie he wants!  Let my family know how much I love them and rely on them!

Health: Stay on points this week and try to give a treat everyday so I don’t feel deprived or ravenous for chocolate/Christmas treats.  Allow myself to enjoy what I want on Christmas without guilt.  Up my protein so I am more energized during my workouts!

Do you have Winter Break yet?  How was your weekend?  Any goals to meet for the Christmas holiday?


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