Running my way out of 2011….

So despite the injuries, despite the amount of time I have been forced to the side-lines, despite the fact that I have just got to running again this week…I have set one final goal for 2011.

22 Silvesterlauf 2010 SVK

Silvesterlauf 10K Race (photo from 2010 Race)

I am going to run a New Year’s Eve 10K race!  The Kottweiler-Schwanden sports club is sponsoring the 39th International New Year’s Eve Street Run, and so far there are 93 people running (I am number 93).  What better way to leave the year I began running, then by reaching a new goal that I have not met before!  Since I have only been able to bust put 2 mile runs this week, I have my work cut out for me.  I plan on upping mileage as safely as possible and then if I need to interval it during the run, so be it.  I am sure I can do it if I do some tempo training and endurance training (safely) over the next two weeks.  My mileage will come back and I am sure I will be okay!!!  A race with my group, in Germany on New Year’s Eve…that is one great way to welcome 2012!

Not only do I get to meet a goal (although, it will probably be very slow), I get to do it with my running group!  See how our names are registered all in order!!!??!!

                                                                                               88. Marin, Lisa 1972 w W30
                                                                                               89. Eaton Heins, Jodi 1971 w W40
                                                                                               90. Rafferty, Michael 1958 m M50
                                                                                               91. Ramirez, Jeannette 1974 w W30
                                                                                               92. Ramirez, Rob 1967 m M40
                                                                                               93. Groff, Amanda 1932 w W70

Also, notice the mistake I made when registering….It asked for ‘vintage’ (bad translation from Google Translate) which I thought meant my age.  I typed ‘32’, but it meant the year of birth, so I am showing as being born in 1932 and am in the women’s 70 years+ category!  Ha ha, oops!  At least this way I can blame it on my age when I come in slow, by pretending to be a 79 year old who doesn’t exercise!  I know for a fact there are many a women of that age who could out run my as any day of the week! Since Eric will be on night shift, I figure I can tire myself out with this race (get my neighbor to bring James for my finish line ‘high five’) then go home and ring in the new year asleep on the sofa celebrating with my boys!

What are your plans for New Year’s Eve???


2 responses to “Running my way out of 2011….

  1. I just stumbled across your blog page while looking for results of the 2011 Kottweiler run. I was there (properly entered in the M60 age group!). So I started reading your “final goal” entry and then ended up looking for your (70’s age group) time. What happened? Did you run? Saw some of your other friends times (Michael did well). Think about entering the Kaiserslautern 1/2 Marathon this year. Nice course, fast, popular. End of March. I assume you live in Landstuhl from some of the pics you posted. Get off the streets when you train and into the forest on soft trails. There are numerous “established” forest trails up to 13 miles in the immediate area (Bonn has some of the best!)

    P.S. The photos for the 2011 race are available on the website.

    • I am so sorry, for some reason I am just seeing this now! I sadly missed the race! I am not actually 70+ years old, that was a mistake on my registration, oops!!! I was recovering from an injury and was advised to sit this race out if I wanted to avoid re-injury and have to give up on my half marathon training for Paris. I was bummed and heard it was a great run!! I am doing the Paris Half Marathon on March 4th and the Edinburgh Rock-N-Roll Half on April 15th. I am running trails in Mackenbach and also in Weilerbach for my outdoor runs….trails are where it’s at 🙂

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