Visitors from Okinawa, Part I

Friday our very close friends, Kevin and Kumi arrived from Okinawa for a 6 day visit!  We have been waiting for this day and it was so nice to see them and show them around Germany (Kumi’s first time out of Japan)!  The first big outing was a planned trip to  any Christmas Market we could find!  So, here is a collection of photos from our rainy night at the Stuttgart Christmas Market in Schlossplatz!   The sights were wet and cold, but we had fun anyways….besides, the hot wine kept them cozy and warm!


The cathedral was amazing! I couldn’t get over how beautiful it was! They were selling mistletoe decorations everywhere,

I am still waiting for Eric to buy one for me! They were so pretty, even when soaked from the rain!  I just cannot get over the

life size ‘ornaments’ that I grew up admiring!  I get giddy every time I see these!



Bring on the Gluwein!!  The boys went back for seconds!!!


Then we all got treats from St. Nicholas and his angels with crazy hair!!  Kumi was very excited and it was so cute to see her bowing with such respect!

I think it was greatly appreciated by all!



We made an attempt at a family photo, but it started raining so hard that my camera got all fogged up and smudged, boo! 

Well we tried and if I had crazy magic photo shop I probably could save this photo, but since I don’t,

I will just have to frown at this smeared picture…can’t win them all!


Next up…a last minute trip to Amsterdam…’one night’ turns into ‘two nights’ and seeing a ‘few sights’ turns into a whole day of

amazing ‘canals tours and food experimenting’!!  Stay tuned…


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