Landstuhl Christmas Market Race

So Sunday came quickly and I was debating back and forth whether or not I should attempt this race.  First of all it is the longest distance I have run recently and it was only my second run after my injury.  I made a deal with myself, I would slow down when I needed to slow down, or stretch or walk, or interval.  Whatever I needed to do in order to finish without hurting myself was A-OK with me…no time worries or paces concerns for this race! 


Luckily I had two of my running gals with me for the race, Jodi and Jeannette!  They were kind enough to meet me there as we faced the cold together!  It started off pretty good.  I was okay for the first mile and a half.  I struggled a bit after that, I was feeling really dizzy and light headed.  I think it was the winter hat I was wearing. 


I walked for a minute and then caught back up with the girls.  I got to the 2 mile-ish point and then knew I needed to interval it a bit and roll my ankle around some to stretch it out.  After that I was going solo, which was okay!  I took the hat off and set some small goals to help me keep going.  One was to pass this one guy who kept out pacing me.  I would catch up and then he would speed up, so I was determined to come in before him…


I ended up ahead and then forgot about it.  I just focused on getting it done without getting hurt.  Of course, the last mile and a half seemed like a breeze, my pace picked up and I was huffing it!  I felt really good and really comfortable.  I aimed to finish in 55 minutes because I knew I would be a bit slower than normal, but I finished in 52:25, so that was good for me.  It may have been slow, but it was faster than I was expecting and it was even better because I was not hurt!!  Besides, I had a special boy waiting to high five me…there was no backing out when it got tough!


We then enjoyed the markets, I took some pics with my boys who had matching red noses!!  We got some treats from Nicholas, some snacks for the hungry boys, looked around and then caught up with the other ladies from the race!  I love how my boys were all smiles for every part of the day, except the picture taking part!



The Ramstein Runners all got together and enjoyed a group shot in front of the tree! You cannot beat supportive women to cheer you on no matter what your pace or goals!  There is always someone there to give you a motivating word, or a pat on the back as you struggle!  I wish everyone got to have such great women running next to them, I am very lucky!!!



Any Christmas races coming up for you?  How do you like to motivate yourself during a hard run?  What support network do you have as you reach your goals?


2 responses to “Landstuhl Christmas Market Race

  1. Hi, I ran across this article while looking up info on ankle injuries and had a question for you. When did you know you were good to start training again? I think I injured the same tendon after a run yesterday. It didn’t hurt to run but a few hours later when I touched my ankle in exploded with pain. Thanks for any advice you might have with dealing with this injury.


  2. You guys looks great! And it looks like a cold race! 🙂

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