Markets, Festivals and Nicholas, Oh My!!

It was a busy long weekend in the Groff house!  We hosted Thanksgiving dinner Thursday and basically laid around until late afternoon on Friday…then it was off to the Trier Christmas Market, followed by our own village’s festival Saturday night to see Nicholas!


The Trier Market was gorgeous!  We were there at  night, so we got to see all of the pretty lights and displays.  We also got to warm our freezing hands with mugs of Peppermint Hot Chocolate and Bailey’ Coffee!  The market looked like a display you see on someone’s mantle at Christmas!  It was so amazing to see these things in larger than life size!

P1010547 (480x640)

P1010566 (640x425)

As soon as we got there, James spotted the Carousel.  He was  non-relenting in his begging to go on it!  After we warmed up with drinks he had a turn and smiled from ear to ear the entire time.  I am not sure if the smile was from the ride or from the girl he decided to sit with in the little carriage seat!  He loves the ladies, whether they speak English or not!



The boys enjoyed their treats…James was overwhelmed with excitement and Gavin was just wonderstruck with all of the lights and toys!  He just starred at them and you could see his little mind just reeling with the wonderment of it all.  Then he was all about the Sus Popcorn…it was mighty tasty!



We got some nice photos together and then decided it was time to get back to the warmth of our Jeep for the 90 minute drive home.  Two hours at a market flies by when you are busy looking at all of the ornaments and wooden crafts!  The next day was spent tidying up, relaxing some more and then visiting our own village’s festival!  We had a visit from Nicholas who gave out goodie bags to the children while the parents enjoyed some Gluwein…I am not a fan, so I left that part up to Eric!  Meanwhile, we played, tried to stay warm, and practiced running up hills with Gavin!

P1010596 (640x507)

P1010605 (640x480)

P1010606 (480x640)


It is so amazing to have markets and festivals every weekend all over Germany to enjoy with our friends!  Now we get two special friends coming this week from Japan, and we cannot wait to share the in the Gluwein, wursts, waffles and celebrations with them!  Up next…the Landstuhl Christmas Market Race…

What did you do this weekend?


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