A Happy Reunion…

Today was the day that I have been waiting for!  The day that I can run after my injury…damn you peroneal tendon!  The morning did not turn out the way I wanted to since Gavin had a rough night.  The plan was to go run 2 refreshing interval miles with my girls and then enjoy some coffee at the Brit Café…instead, I ended up on my treadmill in an empty room.  Ah well, I got to run and that was all that mattered to me!!  I was able to reunite two old friends of mine…my treadmill with my Nike Free Runs.  Since the injury I am going to SLOWLY use my vibrams and incorporate them into my training little by little…until then, Nike Frees it is!


I started with a 4 minute warm-up and then split my run into 3:1 intervals.  I ran the first interval at 5.3mph and then each interval I sped up.  I made it up to 6.6mph, which is very fast for me.  I was sure to make the most of this H.I.I.T Run since I need to get endurance and speed back after these 20 days of no running.  I felt a bit gassed, but I always fall quickly if I take breaks/time without running.  I felt myself feeling tired more quickly than I normally would have.  What was my solution when I wanted to even stop during one of my teeny 3 min intervals???  I sped up and repeated “Soft feet, strong legs” in my head!


Even though I had some speedy intervals, I only ended up with an average 12:28mile…that is the 1 minute walking coming into play…Next time I am going to do 1.5 miles with no intervals, and then 2 miles with no intervals.  I am going to work on distance before I really worry too much about speed.  Speed will come with more cross-training and strength.  In the meantime, I am going to enjoy every minute of my training and be so thankful for it!!!  Whew, I am so relieved I am running again!!


Being able to run again isn’t the only thing I am thankful for….but, more on that tomorrow!!

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