I wish my dog would run with me….

I have a very lazy dog.  Sometimes he gets really hyper for about 30 minutes and then he will spend the other 23 hours and 30 minutes, laying around, sighing, and sleeping.  He was supposed to be a runt, but he is 30 pounds….a 30 pounds shih tzu.  A 30 pound shih tzu who won’t run with me, won’t cuddle with me, and won’t listen to me.  There are good things about him, though….like how he can always look really different with all of his hair cuts, and how he can make it easy to have a veg out kinda day, and how he loves to go for rides in the car…and best of all, how much he loves James!


Baby Meiko and Baby James….Meiko came 2 weeks before James was born!


Friends forever, James and Meiko in Korea


Loving the heated floors!


Hair is getting a little long, time for a trim!


Trying to be festive but really wants to tell me I am an A-hole for making him wear that!


The Koreans butchered him…he was traumatized!!!!


Finally the hair is growing back!!


Meiko sweating it out in Okinawa!


Off with his _______!


Meiko as a pillow with his beloved James in Germany!


Meiko at his happiest…laying around in the sun!

There is one thing we have learned while being moved all around the world.  You see many pets left behind, many pets abandoned and many that are just plain animals and not family members.  There has never been a question as to whether or not Meiko would join us in our travels…it is an automatic part of our moving plans.  He knows he is loved, and he knows he will never be left alone…unless I am going for a run and he would rather lay on his ass.  He gets on my nerves when he barks every time the doorbell rings, but I could not imagine my life without this furry little huge puppy!!!

Tell me about your furry friends…what are they like?  What is your favorite thing about them?


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