Peroneal what???

So Thursday started off with cranky kids, an awesome neighbor to watch one of those cranky kids, and another happy run with my girls in Ramstein.  I was early, eager and looking forward to a nice 4 miles with 3 other’s in my group.  After some some military wife chatting with a fellow ‘Wisconsin Wife’, we all set out to conquer the cold.  The shins were feeling a bit achy and my ankle was hurting for some reason, but I figured once I hit the 2 mile mark, I would be good to go…


Yeah….not so much!  We got to the mile and a half point and I needed to walk for a minute.  I was not out of breath, tired or dragging….I was hurting!  I figured a little bit of ‘shaking it out’ might help.  I rolled the ankle around, flexed it and just tried to get some good range of motion on a few steps and then we started back up again.  The pain did not go away.  I felt like I couldn’t get a step in without feeling a pain behind my outer ankle bone.

I kept going to the 2 mile mark, turned around and trucked it very slowly with Jeannette, who slowed down in order to accompany me.  I was half limping, half running, half power walking (I guess that should be 1/3 of each).  We made it to the 3 mile mark, and I was DONE!  It was raining, I was in serious pain and I don’t like holding people back.  I did not want them waiting for me, so I told them to go ahead and I tried to get some strength from David Guetta to get me back to my car.  The real strength came from these awesome women, though!  They came back COUNTLESS times to check on me, join me, and be sure I was okay!  That is why I love running with these girls…total support!

P1010478 (640x480)

We planned to go get a coffee at the Brit Café after our run, but by the time I got to the base (after driving the standard), I was in so much pain that I had to pass it up.  I wanted to go right to the hospital but after going to Eric’s work and telling him about my foot, I realized I needed to wait for the Hub to come home and watch the boys.  Sadly, that took until after 5pm….did I mention we ran at 9am!  Luckily my neighbor came to the ER with me so I was not sitting by myself.  Un-luckily (yes, I am an English teacher and I know that is not a word) the douche behind the counter didn’t input my info correctly so everyone got through, except me.  After a confrontation, where I ‘ruffled some feathers’, as my father would say, I got through and put as the priority for my troubles.  Luckily, it is not serious…Peroneal Tendonitis…basically, I sprained my Peroneal Tendon.

Un-luckily (again, I know), I have to take at least a week off from my training/running and rehab the tendon.  This is hard for me, because I cannot sit still.  Ever.  Seriously, not ever.  I want to train, I want to be on the go, I don’t like missing my runs, I don’t like feeling like I am missing out or falling behind.  However, I know that I am only going to make it worse but rushing it, so I will wait until I can actually walk normal before trying to run.  Besides, I know that my lovely mentor out here would have my ass on a platter….see, Lisa…I listen sometimes!!  I am hoping to strengthen up my weak areas and get back out there slowly to avoid any other injuries…here is the plan:

Hopefully I look as cool as the people in the pictures when I do these exercises!  So, no runs to post this week…but, I am hoping to get back out by Monday and taker ‘er slow…maybe start off with a mile and a half and then go from there!  Wish me luck!!!!


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