Trick or Treating, Trail Running, and Kinesio Tape

*For some reason this did not post a week ago…so, a little outdated*

Monday and Tuesday brought two great days for this girl!  It is a known fact that I don’t bother much with Halloween; infact, the only reason I look forward to it is because once it is over I get to be excited about Christmas (publically).  Well, there is one other reason I love the end of October/November- the fall scenery.  After being in Okinawa for 3 years, I was going through a ‘pretty leaves changing color’ withdraw!  I decided to grab some of my best running gals and take it to the trails!  Plus, a new friend joined in on the run!

P1010493 (640x480)

James was excited for trick-or-treating for a few weeks now!  He kept changing what he wanted to dress up as, but at the last minute decided he wanted to be a mummy!  We were doing this costume honor by sticking to the original- toilet paper. 


He wanted me to paint his face as well, so I did the best I could.  He thought it was great, so that was all that mattered!  He had a blast with our neighbor who took him around to all of the houses, and he got a crap load of candy, so he was more than pleased!

P1010486 (461x640)

P1010488 (640x480)

We got up bright and early Monday night….yes, you heard that right…Monday NIGHT!!!!  Apparently, the Halloween or candy was too much for Gavin and he decided to spend the night awake.  Good times!  It was not too pleasing since I had my run to go to at 12:45.  We were able to sneak in a nap, and I popped some chia gel in order to get some energy…turns out the other ladies were suffering from lack of sleep as well!!  We met up at 12:45 and then drove to the CTS site (where I did my Breast Cancer Run) where we strapped a very cranky Gavin in Jodi’s running stroller.  He was not the greatest running partner….if you look closely you can see him trying to escape….he cried for 2 miles….yes, TWO MILES!!!

P1010496 (640x480)

I was a jerk and just kept going…he was fine, just cranky and overtired!  The scenery was insane!  The leaves were literally falling on us as we ran, the sun was shining through the trees, it was like the trail was out of a movie or something.  I know I exaggerate, but in this case, I am not exaggerating!

P1010493 (640x480)

P1010495 (480x640)

We were busting out the intervals and then my shin decided to be the prick that likes to tag along for runs….of course, this was as soon as Gavin fell asleep…women, never get a break!  We stopped to stretch it out and then I got some sisterly love while my girls took turns pushing the stroller for the 2nd half of the run (another 2 miles).  We had a great time.  It is like a gossip session where you are actually WORKING out your stresses rather than eating them away with coffee and snacks Winking smile.  Plus, they laugh at my dumb quirks and potty mouth, so they are even higher on my scale of amazingness than normal!  We got our 4 miles in and then opted for a few post-run shots…always glamorous!!

P1010497 (640x480)

P1010499 (640x476)

Love these girls!  We are training for our First Half Marathon in Paris together, so it is really great motivating one another and hanging out together for our Tuesday runs!  Ha ha, Tuesday runs…sorry, I might be the only one that found that funny… anyways, joining the run (besides the screaming Gavin) was my new batch of Kinesio Tape…I taped those suckers up and it did actually help….I just should have taped my shin better…lesson learned!  I will be doing another post with different taping techniques that I use…don’t want to spoil the excitement by posting a pic here….how mean Winking smile.

Any new friends added to your workout routine?  What is your favorite season?  What is your favorite holiday?


One response to “Trick or Treating, Trail Running, and Kinesio Tape

  1. Great pics!! I saw that you are part of the Ramstein Runners on Facebook. I want to run with you guys but find it a little funny that the group is called Ramstein Runners yet (from what I can tell) don’t really run on Ramstein. Or am I wrong?
    I looked at doing that half in Paris and would LOVE TO. I need to meet some more runners and convince one of them to join me 🙂

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