Thursday Runnin’ with the Ramstein Runners!

Well this is the second week I was lucky to run with a great group of ladies!  I am glad I have a group to run with…those hills were not as challenging today as they would have been if I was running them solo!  Besides, it is fun to let others hear my constant trail of ridiculous thoughts and ramblings!  I think I might look crazy when I think them on my own and then laugh out loud….alone.

It was a bit nippy out; however, I had my new cold-gear that my neighbor bought me…so I was happy!  She got me pants and a jacket from an online German store: Tchibo!  I was so excited to get them, because I am not used to running in the cold, and my butt has been getting little bit chilly!  (Review: They were great items; but, the downfall is I am like 2ft tall so the pants with zippers at the ankle are a bit bunched up on the bottom and started to chaff my achilles a little.  Ah well, for shorter distances it is not going to be a problem!  I will just make sure to get another pair when my mileage starts to increase)!

After dropping James off at school and Gavin at the sitter’s I was on my way to meet up with the ladies of “Ramstein Runners”.  After a 2 miler in my Vibrams on Tuesday, this was my first time really going out to run in them!  We split into our running groups and then headed out with a quick warm up and then 6:2 splits.  At the end I skipped the interval and just kept going to the end with another runner because I was feeling pretty good.  We walked to cool down and then saw the other ladies again, so we all ran back to the end together!

P1010477 (640x480)

Look at those fierce ladies after running in the cold!

We ended up with 3.9 miles total (I think) so it was about 3.5 miles of running, which is quite good for my first real run in the vibrams!  We were all happy to get out in the fresh air, share some laughs, some great exercise and the support of one another!  This is one bunch of ladies I will look forward to running with every week!

P1010478 (640x480)

What do you love about running with others??


2 responses to “Thursday Runnin’ with the Ramstein Runners!

  1. I found your blog through Ramstein Runners facebook page. I have yet to run with the group. My husband and I just moved here last month. I’m an early morning runner and find it tough to start running after 9am. Odd, right??
    I love your blog and look forward to following you 🙂

    • Dang, you ARE a runner! Look at those race times!!!! It will be nice to have you out with us, I know a good few of us are also going to be doing the Landstuhl Christmas Run on Nov 27th…You should run with the group 🙂 We can all dress up! I will have to pick your brain about chopping time and getting my speed work done!

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