Red Ribbon 5K

Well I just finished my second 5K race for the month, and this one went even better than last week!  I am happy to say I was able to run the whole thing without stopping once…not for water, not for an extra breath, no stopping!  That seems very small in terms of goals, but for me it has been the biggest goal since I was able to start running again 2 weeks ago!  My shins have really been giving me a run for my money, but I am starting to think the process of working in those Vibrams is starting to pay off!


We got to the race site and right away I was a little nervous because it was very cold….like 31F cold!  Did I mention I have never run in a temperature lower than 50F!  I was shaking like a leaf (from the cold, not from nerves).  I started bouncing around as we all waited.  I think others may have thought I was weird, but I would rather bounce and move than stretch before running.  I got my number pinned on, huddled in with the others at the start line and then slowly took off (lots of people) when the gun went off.  I got a great start by high fiving the Darth Vadar that came out to support us (I even got a picture with him and the storm troopers after the race)

P1010457 (640x425)

I felt GREAT!  I was smiling almost the whole time….like literally, I think I was smiling almost the whole run.  I had a nice content feeling as I ran.  I was not dying from humidity, I was not over warm, I was feeling really good.  I just kept repeating in my head, “soft feet, strong legs”….this mantra may seem weird, but it works for me!  There were little dogs running, kids, families, and then a HUGE Great Dane, that I was trying to find to get a picture of, but I never found him after he passed me!  He really was a Warrior!!!

P1010461 (480x640)

I cheered for the kids I saw, I high fived them as we passed one another, and I really just felt so excited that I was not feeling the need to walk or stop!  Every time I heard my iPod tell me another Km had gone by, I just kept thinking there was no way I would need to walk, and I was so excited to tell my husband that I ran the whole thing without my shins side-lining me!!!  As soon as we were coming up to the finish I started to look for James…he is always there to high five me!  I saw him and I yelled to him, he seemed shy for some reason (maybe all of the MP’s at the finish line) but he came over, and I got my finishing high-five!

P1010458 (480x640)

We then enjoyed some of the booths that were set up, the boys got a snack while I munched on my protein truffles (I am now all out and need to make more)!  I got a little bit of swag, met the D.A.R.E lion and then got to see James sign his pledge to be drug free!  He was very proud of this, and even more proud when I told him he could have my Red Ribbon water bottle to keep at school!!! 

P1010463 (640x480)

Overall, I am very happy with the race!  The route was lovely with some trees, trails and pavement.  The people were all in great spirits and were super friendly – always cheering one another on!  Best of all, I realized I love to run in this temperature!  My lungs felt great, my breathing was easy, and I loved enjoying the crisp fresh air!!!  Hooray for a great day!!!

P1010460 (480x640)

What is your favorite season/weather?  What ways do your kids/family/friends motivate you in your goals?  Have any fun traditions that you share together (like James and I with our high fives)?


One response to “Red Ribbon 5K

  1. Great post! It is definitely an accomplishment to run the whole 5K.

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