Breast Cancer 5K recap….Red Ribbon 5K prep!

One down, another to go for my races in October!  I was lucky to have my husband, boys, and my neighbors come out to support me!  This was my 1st 5K run in 4 months, so I was actually nervous that I was going to crap out or something.  It honestly went very well for only having 11 days to prepare!  I grabbed that shirt and pinned on my “I Run for my Nanny” badge of honor!

P1010422 (424x640)I look like I am a fake head on a huge body…bah, oh well!

James was busy dancing up as they played music before the speeches and beginning of the race.  There were some very nice stories to be heard and some great motivation to be sure we all look out for one another and ourselves by simply doing our monthly exams and keeping on top of mammograms!

P1010425 (425x640)Getting our pep talk before the race

P1010429 (425x640)

This shirt says it all!  Men, you need to be on top of things for your women!

Soon, the race was in full gear and we were all shuffling along as we paced ourselves out.  I was eager to give James a bit of silliness before I was out of sight!  He was very excited, cheering, yelling and dancing us on our way!  I felt pretty good.  I was a really nice trail and the weather was great!  Nothing better than a gorgeous fall day in the woods for a run!  I had my music going and was told the trail was about 3.3 or 3.4 miles.  My only goal was to finish exactly 5K in 36 minutes or under…..that seems like a weak goal, but I am not about to sprint it out and injure myself!

P1010426 (640x424)

Off I go….chipmunk silly face and all!!

I took a couple of walk breaks so I could get some water.  I brought a water bottle with me and being that I am a genius, I dropped the cap as soon as I took my first sip…so I spent the run trying to keep the bottle as still as possible.  That didn’t work, I had water splashing all over me!  Tee hee, oops!  I was getting some rib cramping (sucky breathing) but kept at ‘er.  By the end I was pissed at my Nike+ because it was telling me the wrong mileage and also at my shirt because it was big and feeling rather long/bulky.  Again…oh well!  As soon as I was coming up to the end I booked it so I could pass the last few people ahead of me (sorry, folks) and there was James with his hand out ready to tag me in!  What a great kid.  Even better?  He stayed and tagged everyone else until it was time to go!

P1010430 (397x529)

Long shirt? Check.  Super awesome finishing tag? Super Check!

My total time for the race was 36:08 with a distance of 3.3 miles.  My time was 10:56/mile….that is a whole 1:04/mile less than what I was running one week ago!!  Big improvement!  That didn’t mean I wasn’t out of breath and panting a wee l’il bit…

P1010431 (640x425)


This week I have gone on a nice 1.5 hour hike in the hills (hello, glutes!) and then I did a run with Ramstein Runners today!  We had a great group of women of all abilities and paces out for a nice windy run!  We broke up into our respective groups.  I was going to do my E10K (8 minute intervals), but we decided to combine C25K and E10K and do the 5 minute intervals instead!  It was great!  I have never run this trail, and I had horses, cows, hills, and lovely fall scenery to admire!  Plus, I had some great conversations and found out that two women I was running with also have hubbies from small areas in WI…basically right where Eric’s family is!  How weird is that?  We did our intervals, but I opted to walk the last 5 minute interval and then run the 5 minute cool down.  My shins were on fire, so I wanted to shake them out a bit.  Either way I ran all of the intervals and we covered about 3.12 miles I think it was.  Good run, ladies!  Now, I train again Thursday and then do the Red Ribbon 5K on Saturday!!  Wish my shins luck (they are being heated and iced as we speak write)!

Red Ribbon Flyer

I’m a comin’!!!!


Any new trails, new runs to share?  Would you rather go all in or do you like easing into new distances with walk/run intervals?


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