The prep, the excitement, the sheer determination!

So as I have mentioned, I signed up for a 5K this week (and one next week) with a little over a week’s notice, after not running 5K for over 4 months.  I went out for a run the very night I made this decision….sucked air hard after 1.5 miles…nope, not giving up.  Ran on Friday for 2.87 miles in intervals (from E10K), then ran 3.10 miles on Sunday.  My pace is still slow, but that comes with more time!  Today I got on the treadmill thinking I would bust out 3 miles, but felt satisfied with 2 miles since my shin started flaring up and then I did some HIIT hill work.  Normally I would beat myself up over not doing the 3 miles, but I gave it what I had without over doing it (I am pushing myself quickly enough as it is)!  This time around I am not going to give into these mind tricks….plain and simple, I am going to do this half marathon no matter what!

do it

I am staying positive, thinking positive, allowing the challenges and really trying to listen to my body more!  A wise runner told me (Yes, Jay I am talking about you) “run, and then when it hurts…you need to stop!”  This meaning, pain…not, I am tired and my legs hurt.  Pain, as in my shins are about to explode out of the front of my legs (an ailment that constantly haunts me).  Tired, a little winded, and heavy legs do not constitute as an excuse to ease off.  Yes, I am taking it as easy as I can with rushing my running right now, but once these 5Ks are done, I am going to really stick to a training plan…that being run as much as I can without getting splints!  The idea of running in Paris is enough to really motivate me! (That is a croissant in my hand, hee hee).


I have been reading (and am currently downloading my free library audio copy for my i-Pod) “Born to Run”….also, I am listening to “Ultramarathon Man” as I run.   Since I am a nerd and I have an insane love for reading, being able to listen to books while I run is a great way to keep me centered and thinking about what I am hearing rather than focus on any tiredness I am feeling!  I have “Clockwork Orange” waiting for some good long runs, and then I am awaiting a library borrow of “The Last Lecture”.  Nothing better than something interesting to read listen to when you are really trying to lose your controlling thoughts!


Now it is just a matter of really getting back on track with eating.  After being sick and stressed out with Gavin being even MORE sick, I was barely eating anything besides peanut butter, apples and my Nanny’s famous Banana Chocolate Chip cookies.  Now I am trying to get my proteins, my veggies, my WATER, and then enjoy a cookie or two after I get the essentials!  In the meantime, I will look forward to my 5K this weekend in honor of my Nanny!  I am going to get a picture of us at the race, plus a picture of my shirt pin-on (a pic of my Nanny) so I can send it to her church in Canada and her quilting group….out of sight but NEVER out of mind!


What changes are you making, what ways are you overcoming past struggles?  What new exciting adventures do you have in your future??


2 responses to “The prep, the excitement, the sheer determination!

  1. You’re gonna do great! Have fun and enjoy the training. I feel ya on the shin splints though. Killer. Ice packs were my best friend…oh and vaseline for my feet. I got some killer blisters and vaseline worked WONDERS under my socks (kinda gross, I know). Now that I’m done with my half, I’m training to build muscle and lean up. I’d like to maybe compete in fitness one day…kinda easin into the workouts and checking out the diet now. I’ll continue to run, but for now, I’m really enoying a break :-).

    • Shin Splints SUCK! I will have to get some ice packs….I also use my rolling pins to roll out the tightness and knots…hee hee! I have yet to get blisters, but am really starting to wonder about going to Vibrams…I feel like no matter what shoe I use I am always getting the same injury and pain…reading about “Barefoot Ted” has made me wonder…..even though Eric says I am too wussy for the Five Fingers 😉 Send me details about your half…what training plan did you use?

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