Running for my Nanny….Breast Cancer 5K

I have not run a 5K race since April.  I have not RUN 5K since May!  As I was driving on base this Monday to take Gavin to the doctor, I thought about my struggles with these few pounds and how the more I think about it the more it stays a problem.  I realized I needed to get an outside goal.   I needed to get a goal that would make me feel really good and be something that I know is very rewarding.  I decided I needed to find a 5K race so I could get back to my running with a goal in mind (besides the goal to not get shin splints). 

DSC02320 (640x480)


We went to the café for me to grab a coffee and this may sound stalker-ish but I saw the woman standing in front of me and she was wearing a nice little cardigan, pants and flats.  This is basically what I wear everyday, with different accessories and flat to match what I am wearing.  I looked at her and thought about how healthy and pretty she looked.  I hoped I looked as nice in my similar outfit as she did in hers.  Then, as I was gabbing away with Gavin, I noticed her and her husband’s coffee order were up and they hadn’t seen.  I let them know their coffee’s were ready and she joked that she was not paying attention because she was looking at a flyer for a 5K she was going to run… of attraction moves quickly!


I grabbed that flyer and struck up a conversation about how I literally just thought about how I needed to find a 5K.  Even better, the race is for Breast Cancer and I think it is a good way for me to finally start to accept my grandmother’s passing, that took place in March, by running in her honor. 

Travels to Japan 008

The lovely gal then went on to tell me about another 5K on the 22nd that is for Drug Awareness…..that she is organizing…..SERIOULSY???  Was this chick sent by the God’s to fulfill my need to achieve a goal??!!!

Red Ribbon Flyer

Needless to say I emailed her as soon as I got home and signed up for her 5K race which I will run with the support of my boys so James can see me fight against drug abuse and fight for awareness!  There is nothing better than achieving a goal, than to achieve it while raising awareness for VERY worthy causes!  The huge kicker is that this woman is also a new runner and is training for a half marathon in Paris this coming March.  My question is:  Should I set this same goal and let it be a way to do something amazing with my husband (who would also run it with me) before he heads to deployment?  I think the answer is, YES!!!!!

I tell you people, set the goals that are the best for your life and what you need NOW and the way to meet those goals (and more) will land on your doorstep….or at least in front of you in the coffee shop line!

What opportunities have popped into your life at just the right time lately?


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