Walking, running, wandering and the art of slowing down!

UPDATE:  This is VERY late posting since our internet was out for 2 weeks….more recent updates and news to come!!!

So we had a pretty productive week last week!  James was cast free (finally) and he has made some great progress so far!  Eric had his 10K race in honor of 9/11- we were there to cheer him on!!  Gavin and I have spent some fun times walking around in this crisp fall weather while we learn the value of just taking things moment by moment, rather than always rushing onto the next ‘thing’ to do!


It was great to be there with James when that cast finally came off!  He was a little apprehensive because he knew his leg was weak and ‘skinny’.  We kept the wheelchair to give him breaks from his journey back to walking. 


He used it when he needed it, and we encouraged him when he could maintain his strength for longer periods of time!  All in all he has done a great job healing and keeping his spirits up through this long ordeal!  He even jumped into a fountain, where we were snacking at a café, so he could enjoy his new found ‘freedom’!!


Eric planned on this 9/11 race as soon as we got orders to Germany.  He had taken up running again when I started my running journey and this was a nice race for him to look forward to, and be a part of!  We were up bright and early in order to cheer him on and pay our respects to all of the lives lost, the lives changed and the lives still affected by 9/11. 


As a military wife, it is an ongoing realization that the freedoms your husband fights for, are the very freedoms that could take him away from us at any moment.  We respect all servicemen and women, their families and the sacrifices we all endure in order to someday end this war.  A 10K race (it was supposed to be a half marathon, but they could not get the route mapped out properly), was Eric’s way of giving a bit more of himself to show his support!


Now for some Gavin time.  We have now been trying to get into a good groove at home while James is at school.  He is trying to stress/scream less, and I am trying to stress/hurry less.  I have been reading a couple books that are meant to help me with the mom-confidence things that constantly plagues me.  Those constant worries about if I am raising good kids, giving them all they need, playing with them enough, giving them enough comfort, all of those things moms worry about 24/7.  The biggest realization I have made is that rather than worrying about all of these things, I should just ask myself what I could be doing in that moment to be sure I squash those insecurities.  Today, that was to let him play with a tupperware container of noodles with little toys mixed in (small motor skills at play) while I baked 2 different batches of cookies.  The best part was having him help me stir, lick the spoon and taste test!  Then we both decided that the best way to just enjoy time without worrying about time was to get outside for some fresh air!


We threw on his hand me down sweater that Grandma Groff made for James when he was 8 months old (I was near tears when I realized Gavin has pretty much outgrown it as well), then we went for a stroll!  He had to stop by to see if our neighbor was home…Gavin was just knocking away on the garage door with no luck…


So it was off to the hills for some flower picking, horse watching, and grass tickling!  He loves to just wander around, taking his time to enjoy the surroundings while teaching me to do the same!  We even had fun chasing his little shadow!


Then it was time to give one more knock on the neighbor’s door….this time we were in luck.  We delivered our banana chocolate chip cookies and our peanut butter blossom cookies that were baked with love before the walk.  After some lovely cappuccino, conversation and German practice, we headed out for another stroll before picking James up from the bus!  We all have been enjoying some great things (walking, running, wandering, slowing down) and it is great to have one another’s support through it all! 

What things have you been learning lately?  Have you found new ways to take a step toward de-stressing or slowing down?


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