My hopes for the week ahead…

So we know I had a rough week…a lot of things to change around, adapt to, and understand.  This week I plan on proving to myself I can be productive AND relaxed.  Figure out the best of both so I can meet in the middle and not get burnt out by the end of the week.  How do I plan on doing this?  Starting out slowly and seeing what works!

Today I got a lot of organization done around my house!  I moved James’ stuff back downstairs and de-cluttered his room (he had be practically living upstairs due to the broken leg).  I planned out the week’s dinner menu with all Clean Eating recipes (new recipe to be posted Tomorrow and Thursday).  I made a Household Book that contains: calendars, daily to do lists, menu planners, chore lists, school events, PTO stuff, appointment planning, etc.  This way I have all of my stuff in one organized binder, so when I need to write my daily ‘To Do’ I can go through and see if I need to pick up things for dinner, or calls I need to make for appointments, or even mail that needs to be sent out.  I am keeping it right in my kitchen so I can add to it as needed and stay on top of everything all at one time!  I got a lot of the ideas and printouts from ‘organized home’!!  It is an amazing site, great for any family!!  I also got a great ‘daily docket’ (pre-plan to do page) from this amazing lady!  She has a ton of great ideas as well!!!

The rest of the week I plan to keep up on my binder and daily plans so I can get myself re-accustomed to this routine.  I know if I stick to it (that is always the hard part) we will all be less frazzled and more on target with what needs to get done!  I am also getting back to my workouts this week.  I took last week off (rest week from P90X- and way too  much going on with it being the first week back to school- I was running myself ragged enough as it was)!  The P90X routines have changed up for the next three week cycle, so I am excited for that.  I will do small HIIT bursts on the treadmill for P90X days and then Wed and Fri I am going to take it to the trails with Gavin so I can get some trail walking in….no bike, yet (boo, to an August goal(s) not being met).

I have been loving all the new recipes I have been trying out the last few weeks, and since I ordered some back issues of Oxygen, I have even more new recipes to try out.  This week I am making: Clean Sweet and Sour Chicken (made it tonight- REALLY good), Clean Beef Stew, Clean Cheeseburger Pizza, and Clean Chicken Penne with Sun Dried Tomato sauce!  I will post the recipes for the pizza and Penne!  I have a new appreciation for being in the kitchen since I now make one meal for all of us, rather than 3 separate meals between us!

Another thing I am going to get back on board with this week is writing in my journal…I always manage to get away from this, which is so weird since I love doing it.  I have a beautiful journal sitting nicely on my bedside table, and yet there are huge gaps in time between entries.  My goal is to write in it every night this week (or through out the day).  At least one entry per day…this will help me see the areas that need work in my life and around the house!  You can’t make things better if you don’t get a good look at what needs work!

My last HUGE hope for the week is that Gavin pops out some teeth or at least starts sleeping through the night without fits of screaming.  Poor little guy is either teething or having a growing spurt…with the way he has been acting, I am guessing it is both!  He has been having a rough go this past week(ish) and I know he needs his rest just as much as the rest of us!  I am hoping to move his nap time more toward the afternoon so he isn’t so tired by dinner time.  I think it would make everyone a lot happier and relaxed to see little man cheerful again!!

P1010193 (640x480)

So there we have it, my first “Post-ADD/ADHD Diagnosis” Weekly Goal list.  I decided to not beat myself up too much about the goal fails of August….I made too many of them rely on getting a bicycle.  Well, I put my birthday money to school stuff for James and a few things for Gavin instead….the bike will have to wait.  Instead of biking in trails, I went apple & plum picking up in the hills.  Instead of getting re-certified in Yoga, I started going to the gym twice a week with my neighbor for some good ‘ol butt kicking support.  I did lose inches (4), but I am not sure about body fat % since the base gym we go to doesn’t have a trainer that can do this for me correctly.  I am still hoping to get that all figured out!  Either way, instead of not meeting certain goals, I ended up meeting some new ones along the way instead of just giving up on the ones I couldn’t get.  Nothing wrong with that 🙂  Have a happy first full week in September!!!


Any goals you want to share???


2 responses to “My hopes for the week ahead…

  1. You’re so inspirational, Amanda. I’m very impressed with your drive and determination and delicious looking healthy food!

    • Awww, thank you Miss.Margie! I already have 3 recipes to post: the Chicken Penne with Red Pepper and Sun Dried Tomato sauce, a Clean Banana bread with Carob chips and Clean Apple Spice Muffins!!! As long as it is healthy and I can sneak an extra helping here and there, I am happy 😉

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