Two Weeks…..Two weeeeeks!

Ten points if you know what movie that is from!  So two more weeks and then the little guy gets the cast off for good!  That means it will have been 8 weeks in total…his whole summer and the first 10 days of school!  We thought he was going to get a walking cast today, but he had to get another full legger!  He was a tough sport and had a very positive attitude when they told him he would not be getting a half cast or walking cast…it made me very proud!!

P1010241 (480x640)

They gave him an x-ray and it showed that the frontal area is healed but the back side of the bone is not ready to be cast free.  We were so glad to hear that it healed well on it’s own without him needing surgery!  As soon as the cast came off, I could not stop comparing the difference between his two legs!  His skinny little leg was even skinnier…

P1010231 (480x640)

P1010230 (480x640)

HIs knee looked so knobby and huge compared to the rest of his leg.  He was biting his nails (as you can see above), he was afraid it would hurt when they moved his leg around.  We kept him distracted by pointing out the size of his leg, then he kept repeating that his leg was “really tiny….it sure is not strong anymore….I must make it strong again”.  The guys working have gotten to know James over the past 6 weeks and were great with him today!  They were joking, laughing and talking “Ben 10 Alien Force” the whole time they re-wrapped his leg.  It was great to see these tough Army guys laughing it up with my tiny little 6 year old!

P1010235 (640x480)

P1010236 (640x480)

He was given a choice between all kind of colors, but he chose Camo as soon as they said it!  He wanted to ‘look like Daddy in his uniform’.  I think I saw a swell of pride on Eric’s face….then the realization that James will now be harder to find, ha ha!  All in all, he did great and we are so used to having him in this cast, that another 2 weeks is nothing major!  As long as he is getting strong and healing properly, we are happy!  Now to get him ready for the start of school on Monday…you know he is going to eat up the attention since it is coming from someone other than his little brother!

P1010239 (640x480)

Well, that is the most exciting update I have for today!  Now time to make up some Clean Eating Pork Loin so I can post the recipe…as for James, he is tuckered out from his busy morning!

P1010242 (480x640)

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