A new favorite!

I love my staples, and I stick to the same things over and over….we have established this many times!  I never used to like herbal teas, I wanted milk and sugar in my tea just like I was taught by my Nanny.  I just could not understand the concept of tea without milk and sugar…then I had green tea in Korea back in 2006.  That was the only tea I would drink without milk and tea.  Then I had simple black tea in Japan with only lemon…okay, I am starting to convert.  Now, in Germany, I had gotten hooked on Jasmine tea…see, we are all capable of change!



My neighbor got me this lovely little gift package for my birthday.  It was a mug/tea pot combo, a package of Jasmine tea with some blossoms, and tea bags.


I was a bit skeptical at first since I had never drank a cup of jasmine tea before, but I bagged those tea leaves (also a first) and let ‘er steep.  It says to steep for 3 minutes, but I went with 2 minutes…I don’t like it toooooo strong.


It smelled amazing, my whole (small) kitchen smelled of relaxing jasmine!  Even James asked what the smell was (in a good way).  I was very pleased with the taste, it was not too bitter or too strong!  It was nice, calming and very lovely to be quite honest.  Now I know why people use the word ‘lovely’ to describe tea time!


Now, I enjoy a cup of day with my pretty little mug and tea pot while thinking about nice it is to enjoy a moment of relaxation amidst the craziness that often takes place while raising two boys!  I got James onto the green tea in Korea, now lets see if I can get him to have a jasmine tea tarty with me!


How do you like to enjoy a cup of tea?  Have you tried anything new lately?


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