C’mon Internet, give a girl a break!!!

So the internet has been WAY too wonky out here for the past few weeks.  It will work for 10 minutes, then go down for 2 hours…I will not even get into how many posts have been written and then erased because of the internet crashing while I was trying to publish them.  I gave up for the past few days until I realized I could just write one out in Windows Live Writer and then save it for when the internet is reliable…duh!

So I have been eating clean and really trying to stay positive during the stressful times we have been facing!  I turned 32 on Wednesday and celebrated with a relaxing day indoors with my boys…not too relaxing since Gavin is sick and James is going stir crazy with that cast holding him down!  We are going to go for a little jaunt around Germany this weekend in order to get some fun things to send out to my gorgeous step daughter (I hate that word because it sounds negative, but she is super) to hold her over until she can get out here to experience this place in person!  We also have to send out some ‘thank-you’ cards and care packages to our family who SPOILED James with ‘get well’ packages!


I am hoping to start up with a trainer at the closest base gym, my neighbor and I are going to start working out Monday and Wednesday evenings since those are the nights our Hubby’s are home to care for the kids.  I figure we can maybe get a trainer for a few visits just to get our measurements, etc. and then just follow up once every two weeks or something in order to change things up and give us some variation!  I will also be doing my treadmill runs and hill intervals, as well as my oxygen workouts, yoga and pilates.  Variety is the key to avoiding plateaus (which I am the master of)!

I have found some great recipes for protein balls (let’s call them truffles so they don’t sound so suggestive) and bars that I have been incorporating into my daily snacks, and then of course my overnight oats which I have beefed up with some protein powder, so I am not eating egg whites every morning…can it be possible to love my oats even MORE now??!!  Yes, it can!  I even have some people on the Eat Clean Diet eating up my overnight oats, while I eat up their protein bar recipe!!!

So this is my little update to give some August goals and to touch base before this internet crashes again! 

So the goals for August are:

1.  Get measurements and fitness evaluation from a trainer

2.  Lost at least 3-4% body fat

3.  Lose at least 6 inches

4.  Get a bike with a seat for Gavin (and a bike rack for the Jeep)

5.  Go hiking at least 2 times this month in two different locations

6.  Bike on a biking trail at least once

7.  Get re-certified in Yoga

8.  Have one spa day with a manicure, pedicure and massage!


What are your goals for the month?  What changes or new things would you like to adopt into your daily life?  What goals have you reached?


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