Canada vs. America


So I am trying to get my education transferred over for work purposes within the USA.  That means I have to get my Canadian degree evaluated and then take extra courses so I can have my education ‘count’ in America (whatever).  This has been taking over a year and a half.  What started out with me beginning my Master’s in Education is now me taking classes just so I can have an ‘American” Bachelor’s in English.  Very frustrating!  I have been questioning this whole process…



It really comes down to where we plan on settling down when Eric is finished his 20 years in the military…that is about 5 1/2 years from now.  This should be our last duty station, so where we go from here will be where we stick for a while.  Of course there are two main options: Canada or America.  The thing is that we have done so much paper work and so on in order for me to get my green card so that we can settle in America, but a teeny part of us keep thinking about Canada.  Eric’s retirement is from the American Military, so we don’t know if it would even benefit us in Canada. All of our credit is being built in America, not in Canada.  Our medical and all other insurances are for America, not Canada.  Technically it would be easier for us to go to America.

Then we think about Canada.  If we can use our benefits that would be great, his retirement pay would end up paying out more, and I could start building my Canadian credit back up now.  My degree is Canadian, which means I could go through a Canadian University to get my Master’s and then I would not need to ‘re-do’ my Bachelor’s for America.  Besides, I love Canada…period.

It is amazing the ways it can be so difficult to figure out where you want to go because you have just been moving around so much.  We have no real place that we can call ‘home’ together.  For some reason, that is Vegas to us.  That is where we really started our life together, and it is the only place we lived together in America, so to me that was my home in the States.  I don’t think we would want to settle there due to crime, school system, etc., but I did love many things about living there!


We have never lived in Canada together (Eric has only visited), but I do know that we would probably not end up in my home province (Nova Scotia).  I lived (temporarily) in Edmonton two times, and I loved it there.  I have very amazing friends there, I loved the feel of the place, and I loved that you could be far enough away to live in a suburb, but also be super close to the city!  It has a lot of culture and diversity there, plus I think it is a great place to raise kids.  Plus, they have West Edmonton Mall…Hello, there is a Pirate ship (among MANY other things) in the mall!!

Right now we are really just thinking about what we want for our kids and how we want to raise them.  We want a place that we will be able to feel settled without getting that itch to move around again.  We know that we will have to do some travelling (vacations) since we are both antsy people and have a hard time staying put for too long.  We just really want to be able to find a place we can comfortably call home, a place where our families will love to visit (often) and a place where our boys will have a happy upbringing!  Whether it is Canada or America, I know we will end up in a great place and besides, as long as we are together, any place we go will be ‘home’!

Where do you call ‘home’ and what do you love about it?


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