New times with old friends…

Today started off with a glorious reunion with an old friend.  I had been anticipating it all last night, and was way too excited to just hurry up and rush out of bed!  I get attached quickly, so when I am separated for long(ish) amounts of time, I start to get a little anxious and antsy!  Today was the day and I was totally like a kid on Christmas morning…

P1010076 (480x640)

Hello my lovely, long lost, overnight oats!!  I have missed you, thought about you and drooled about you for about 2 months!!!  So glad to see you again!  My yummy oats (minus the chia seeds, those are being shipped as we speak), with some homemade granola, and sliced banana!  I got to enjoy these on my sunny front balcony this morning as the boys were still sleeping!

P1010077 (640x480)

I did have one new addition this time around ~ Organic Agave Nectar…I was never able to get it before, and I found it in the store this week.  I may or may not have jumped and screamed a bit with excitement when I saw it in the store!  That was mixed in this morning before the toppings…nice, sweet and light!

P1010078 (640x480)

Nothing can go as well with my loyal oats as my equally loyal (yet sometimes forgotten) green tea….in my Korean tea set!  I got this set after my first temple stay with Dok Jin-Sunim one chilly January weekend.  We had a tea service in his living area while he spoke to me about the losses I had faced (miscarriages) and how to re-connect with, and trust my body again.  He taught me about being the creator of all things in my life and also how to slowly re-train my  mind to become slower, more calm, and more patient.  

Jan 07 043

I get away from this way too often; however, every time I whip out my tea set, I think of that time and our few visits together and it helps me slow it all down…even if just for a little while!  So what time could be better for that reminder than a gorgeous morning on my balcony, with my oats and daily journal? 

P1010079 (640x480)

P1010080 (480x640)

Besides, it is always nice to reminisce of times past while in a new place!  I find it very comforting to drink my tea and know that I have enjoyed this tea set in Korea, Japan, and now Germany!  Oh the stories this tea set will be able to tell…like how James and I used to have evening tea ceremony together when he was two years old…

Some things never get old!

What old things feel new again after you have not seen/used them for a while?  What old things always help you tell new stories, or help bring comfort to new situations?


2 responses to “New times with old friends…

  1. My skinny jeans that I can finally fit my big butt into…those feel pretty new…and certainly haven’t been used in a while 🙂

    • Girl, that butt is the envy of MANY a woman!!! Do you know what work I put in just to look as if I HAVE a butt?? 🙂 Bring the butt, the skinny jeans and hurry up and come visit 🙂

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